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You’ll See It When You Believe It

You’ll See It When You Believe It

A typical expression of skepticism is “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  This statement is a challenge to have a claim proven before it is believed.  Whereas this approach may be effective with regard to scientific principles, it fails when working with the power of the mind.

We are constantly barraged with numerous claims about virtually every topic.  Each product claims to be the best.  There is an endless array of drugs claiming to cure all maladies.  Trades people and professionals all claim to be the best in their respective fields.

Unfortunately, we are disappointed more often than we would like when products and people don’t perform as advertised.  Understandably, our real life experiences leave us cynical.  Therefore, when claims are made as to the impact the power of your mind has on your life, you may be doubtful and want proof.

In order to personally experience all of the benefits discussed in these columns, you have to believe it before you will see it.  Your mind does not discriminate.  It operates on whatever thoughts you put into it. 

If you don’t believe something is possible then your mind won’t even attempt to make it happen.  If you believe something is possible, you mind will work nonstop to figure out a way to make it reality.

Mike has worked as a salesman for the same firm for ten years.  He wanted to get a job with another company.  Mike didn’t believe that someone else would hire him, but he decided to look anyway just to see what happened. 

Although Mike told himself he could get another job, he didn’t fully believe it.  Whenever Mike went on an interview, his lack of belief detracted from his enthusiasm.  Even though Mike really wanted a new job, he came across as lackluster and never got a job offer.

Debbie, just out of college, had worked for six months as an accountant for a large international financial firm.  Two weeks into the job she realized she didn’t like working for such a big organization.

Debbie wasn’t deterred by the fact that she only had six months work experience.  She felt she had a lot to offer any employer.  She radiated confidence and determination at her interviews.  In short order, Debbie had three good job offers.  Debbie truly believed in herself and results followed.

There are numerous examples throughout history that prove beyond a doubt the power of the mind when it is fed proper thoughts.  You need to take inspiration in and be motivated by what others have accomplished only after they believed.

Thomas Edison invented the light bulb after 9,999 attempts.  Without a belief that he could do it, Mr. Edison would not have been driven to success.  When Mr. Edison started, light bulbs didn’t exist.  He had to believe in the possibility of an electric light before he could invent one.

If you want to see your goals achieved, here is what you do.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your ability to do whatever is necessary.  Believe you can do it.  Believe in your goal.  Believe your goal is worth achieving. 

Believe in the unlimited power of your mind.  Believe your brain will work 24 hours a day to find the solutions you need.  Believe that, with the appropriate attitude, you will attract the people and circumstances you need.

You can and will see it when you believe it.  All who have gone before you have harnessed the power of this law of nature.  It’s there for you also.

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