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You Are Attracted To Who?

So now you are looking back after the fact and saying to yourself, “what was I ever thinking?”

Depending on the year,  month, day and astrological moon phase…… your thinking could be, shall we say, “way out of line with your normal thought pattern “of making any sense”.

How is that you say?  For example, in the heat of the summer on a full moon Saturday night ,“an aura of the exotic” can take over your normal line of thinking.  Before you know it you are going down a path you would never have normally considered… that can change your life “for better or worse”, forever!  (But of course you are not even passing that thought through your mind.)

The heightened feelings of an exciting connection wipe out any negative thoughts.

I have found that the summer months rank #1, followed by the Christmas Holiday Season, where many decisions seem to be made to make it or break it by the New Year.  People work up to the holiday season with the anticipation of “at the strike of midnight on 12/31, I am out of here”, and on to a new relationship.  (In the meantime one half of the partnership may never suspect that this is coming!

All this can be avoided to start with if you would just be realistic “about who they are”, and who you really are!

If “you are climbing up the ladder to the next step” because you want to improve your lot in life…be careful not to fall off that ladder altogether!

Remember there are no guarantees in any relationship.  What happens happens. Just be sure that your eyes are wide open and you are thinking clearly from day one.

Do not soften your senses with a glass or two of wine over a candle-lit dinner on a “full moon night”, to be able to say to yourself, “this could work”.

You may be in for the shock of your life-time, almost never to recover from, and you cannot go back to change it!

Volume XII, Article 70