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World Renown Photographer and Polish Prince, Alexi Lubomirski

Alexi Lubomirski has been in America for a little over 10 years, having moved to the USA from his native Great Britain and quickly established himself as a world renowned photographer. The good looking Pole has all the looks of a model and at first glance I thought he should be the topic of the photo and not the man behind the camera. But one look at his work and you are amazed by his skills with an ability to bring his photos to life on the cover of magazines.

With that said, “People Magazine” chose Alexi to photograph their most important issue of the year, the cover shot of Oscar Winner Lupita Nyong’o, who the magazine chose as the winner of the “50 Most Beautiful People.” The May 5th, 2014 issue of People Magazine with the photos by Alexi Lubomirski are vividly striking and done on location at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

In photo: Alexi Lubomirski on right with Post Eagle writer James Dombrowski

Not since Francesco Scavullo, undisputedly the greatest magazine photographer of all time, have I seen a better and more alive photograph captured in print. What stands out even more is the subtle make up on Lupita that increases the beauty of the image captured by Alexi, who explained during the interview that its most important to   “capture the power of the image with your eye.” Technology can never replace the raw elements and feelings that I bring into my photo shoots,” expressed Alexi.

“You need to capture the emotion of the picture,” noted Alexi who credits his early development on the teachings of Mario Testino.

Spending over an hour with Alexi, he makes you feel relaxed and a friendship is quickly drawn. I can understand in the fast paced world of fashion photography how his polite mannerism and calming disposition gets his subjects to open up. The photos of Lupita Nyong’o seem unposed and full of serenity.

The Polish Prince is very charming and how else can a Prince behave. The married Prince with two young boys is quick to thank his wife for hosting his first photo exhibit. “I met Giada Torri, who is of Cuban and Italian heritage, at a Gallery in Manhattan which she is the curator and we fell in love,” Alexi said. His first exhibition was at the “Milk Gallery” and his work caught on quickly.

The Prince, which Alexi is very proud to link to his Polish ancestry, dates back to the 10th Century in the House of Lubomirski. Alexi’s father is Polish and his mother was born in Peru. “Mom was a housewife while dad dabbled in finances,” explained Alexi – while living in England where Alexi was born. His parents divorced when he was only one and mom met a British diamond buyer.

Stepfather John Mainwaring was a wonderful man and he moved the family to Botswana when Alexi was only seven. Alexi lived in Africa until he was 14 and then the family returned to England.   Alexi attended the University of Brighton where he studied Photography. He also tried his hand at some panting and fashion which he noted he did not have the patience for and put all his energy into photography.

Upon graduating college he ventured to Paris and then found his way to New York City which he is proud to call home today. “I could not live anywhere else as New York is the most accepting city in the world,” boasts Alexi. You quickly understand that Alexi loves people and New York holds up its part as one of the most diverse places on earth.

If you were beginning to wonder why he claims the title of Prince, let me make it perfectly clear that Alexi Lubomirski is very proud to be Polish. And also Alexi is not just a photographer but also an author getting his inspiration for his first book from his two boys, Sole Luka and Leone.

With the birth of our second child, I wanted to give Leone a present for his first birthday that was different, so I chose to write a book. With a little research and some knowledge from my dad Ladislaus Lubomirski, I thought it only proper to carry on the tradition of being in-line with the Lubomirski Family which is of Polish prince tradition carrying the Szreniawa Coat of Arms.

By James Dombrowski