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Woman’s Way – Nov. 28th

Volume XII,  Article 43

“A Community”

Being part of a Community is the difference that keeps you mentally focused and emotionally well.

During times of extreme stress or just daily living….a Community is your visible and invisible source of support.

Hurricane Sandy has displaced many people overnight that never thought a life-changing event was about to happen where they lived; common place in thinking that “this won’t happen here”.

We all want the same things in life……good, better and best!  When we think we get to where we want to be, we may become contrite, self-serving and not give back to our Community.  Everything in this universe is connected in one way or another, and “everything we give out we will get back”.

The Red Cross and the Salvation Army is a Community within a community they give selflessly to help others and wants to rehabilitate and rehabitate what was ruined.  or and Religious Communities are always there for support…express a desire to help them, or let them know if you need help.  Communication is needed on your part…no one is “going to read your mind” to know what you need.

If families and friends want to help you….LET THEM HELP YOU……no woman or man is an island.  You may have to adjust to everything in your life temporarily being turned upside down, but normalcy will again return.  It may take a while, but the more help and people support that you have, the quicker you will get from point A to point B.

While you are going through this transformation process, you will also make new acquaintances and lean on each other.  Lessons will be learned and eventually life will come back to normal, or better than before.  Have faith in human nature and God will Bless You in your endeavor.  Any depression will soon start to lift.

Everything happens for a reason, although we know not what that is, but “what may have been meant for bad or evil first, will always turn into goodness.

  May God Bless you now in this quest for survival and BE THANKFUL, and pray for those who were lost in this disaster.