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Apr 20, 2024

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“A Healing, Healthy & Happy New Year”

 A HAPPY NEW YEAR goes without saying…….

But I think we need more than that in this New Year……………

  Globally, we are in the midst of a lot of evil and a societal breakdown.  If we have made it past the 12/21/12 Mayan Calendar Expiration Date……..and are reading this, then we have a chance to choose either to go on the way we have in the past or make a concerted effort to “Make A New”.  (And, I hope that we don’t go on the way we have!)

  Everything starts with just one person!

  There has been so much going in the wrong direction…that it isn’t easy to even know where to start.  Hashing over any of the sorrow or grief that went on in this past year should be put to rest but not forgotten,  just put in its proper perspective.

  It should be more than obvious by now that “we walk among the evil”.  If someone acts evil…then know that it is the devil that runs their life.  Evil possession has taken over some people, with or without the help of drug or alcohol abuse.

Godly people act in Godly ways….they are not afraid of entering a House of Worship, praying, or reading God’s scriptures.

It is up to all of us to take back life as God designed it to be for all of us.

I will never forget the prophetic words of a priest that I heard on TV about twenty years ago, when he said, “all the systems that man created that go against the grain of what God designed will start to crumble and fall”….banks, insurance companies, etc.  You can add much more to this list because man has decided to take over and make his own rules disregarding our Creator’s design.

So, nothing will ever change, until we each change to acknowledge God’s Design, Our Creator’s Plan.

It all starts with HIS priorities! Then they should change for us to encompass us with Happiness, Love, Spiritual Understanding, Compassion and actively moving toward Peace……….not war!

History has been known to repeat itself….it is up to us in this century of time to break that pattern….lest we be like ………………


  May God intercede now and Bless all of us in this New Year with strength.

“Strength to put the brakes on” and turn this run-away train around before it crashes with all of us on board!


Volume XII,  Article 47