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Wisniewski Reaffirms Support For
Same Day Voter Registration

SAYREVILLE, NJ (June 25, 2015) – Assemblyman John S. Wisniewski issued the following statement in response to reports that same-day voter registration had been stripped from the “Democracy Act” currently being crafted to ease access to the ballot box and encourage voter participation in New Jersey.

“I join with many of my colleagues and advocates throughout the state in objecting to the removal of same-day voter registration from the “Democracy Act” currently being debated by the legislature.

”Declining voter participation and the lessons learned following Superstorm Sandy both highlight the need to ease access to voting for New Jersey citizens.  Early voting and same-day registration will help increase voter participation by citizens who face increasingly hectic lives without sacrificing the integrity of the ballot.

“The accusation by opponents that same-day registration is an invitation to fraud is not supported by the facts. Such charges are simply a cover story perpetuated by those whose true interest is in discouraging voter participation by those with whom they disagree. In considering same-day registration I urge everyone to look at the facts rather than cater to those engaged in fear-mongering to suppress support for easing access to the voting booth.”

Office of Assemblyman Wisniewski