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Wisniewski Launches Grassroots
Online Fundraising

Another Step Toward Gubernatorial Run

SAYREVILLE, NJ (October 24, 2016)  — Today John Wisniewski’s gubernatorial exploratory committee launched a statewide grass-roots online fundraising effort.  Wisniewski sent an email to over 150,000 Democratic activists across New Jersey in another step towards formally announcing his candidacy in November.

“I intend to run a spirited and well-funded campaign for governor – and today I am asking thousands of New Jersey Democrats and activists to join me in that effort,” Wisniewski said.  “This campaign is just beginning and I look forward to the debate ahead.”

In his email letter Wisniewski said:

“People are struggling right now in New Jersey and around the country. Wealthy people like Wall Street bankers are doing well, but it’s increasingly difficult for working people to get by.

“I believe that we need to very seriously transform the way government works. Right now it’s working very well for big corporations and special interests. We need to turn that around. Government is at its best — our state is at its best — when its goal is to help working families succeed.”

Wisniewski’s email goes on to say:

“I want to run a different kind of campaign. Not one fueled by big money, not by extreme personal wealth made on the backs of working people. I want to run a campaign built by people standing together, contributing whatever they can afford to transform our government.

“We need to embrace public education. We need to invest in our public assets and inner cities. We need to focus on creating jobs here in New Jersey, not shipping them overseas. We need to expand opportunities for families and small businesses. We need to protect seniors from cuts to critical services.

“We need to make government work for people again.”

A copy of the email can be found here.