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Why Polish-Americans Should
Vote For Donald Trump

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the following is a public service announcement. The views and opinions expressed in the enclosed letter are those of the Polish Americans for Trump Committee and do not express the official position of the Polish American Congress of Southern California.   

By Dr. Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon,
Chairman, Polish-Americans for Trump 

Donald Trump is the most compelling presidential candidate who identified the most important issue facing the United States: destruction of the middle class. It has numerous causes: transfer of US factories abroad encouraged by anti-business actions of the Obama Administration and the Democrats, massive illegal immigration, trade treaties that are unfavorable to the United States, and the issuance of numerous work visas with a goal of replacing American workers. Donald Trump promises to remedy these conditions that destroy the livelihood of American working men and women and put the focus on the jobs growth. He respects ordinary Americans and is a strong and effective leader who gets results. His slogan “America First” means that ordinary Americans and their problems and opinions should have priority attention of the American government, not be swept under the rug and ignored.

His opponent Hillary Clinton is an Establishment figure and represents business as usual and promotion of the globalist and progressive agenda. She is indifferent to concerns of ordinary Americans and never mentions economic growth, stagnant wages or high unemployment. 95 million of American adults are out of the labor force. Polish-Americans are among the suffering middle class. These attitudes translate directly to the attitudes of both candidates toward Polish-Americans and Poland. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party ignore Polish Americans and their views and concerns. When they notice them, it is to attack them from the point of view of the progressive left-wing agenda. Thus, Bill Clinton attacked Poland as “tired of democracy” and with “Putin-like” leadership at the campaign rally in New Jersey in May. President Obama referred to “Polish concentration camps” in his speech at a White House ceremony. And recently revealed emails from WikiLeaks demonstrate Hillary’s staffers’ contempt for Catholics and the organization of subversive non-profits whose goal is to undermine the authority of US Catholic bishops.

In contrast, Donald Trump respects ordinary citizens and declared Polish-Americans to be an “unbelievably important community” in the US. He met with our representatives twice in Chicago and in Florida. He said that Poland was “an incredible friend to America since its founding”, “a strong ally for freedom during the Cold War,”and “ kept the flame of freedom under communist oppression.” He promises that he is “committed to a strong Poland… and a strong Eastern Europe as a bulwark for security and liberty.” He pledged that “ the Trump administration will be a true friend to Poland and to all Polish Americans.”

The Democratic Party attitude of indifference and disregard also translated itself to the US security policy in regard to Poland. President Obama and Secretary Clinton pursued a reset policy with Russia despite its 2008 invasion of Georgia which displayed American weakness and paved the way for the later Russian invasion of parts of Ukraine. They also cancelled the missile defense program in Poland right on the 70th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, reminding Poles what it might mean.

Donald Trump is a proponent of strong defense and wants to increase the defense budget of both the United States and NATO. Members of NATO must spend more on their own defense – the agreed to two percent of their GDP. Trump acknowledged that Poland already spends more than two percent of GDP on its defense. Poland is only one of five of the 28 NATO members that spends the required amount. The richest NATO members pay little for defense and expect the United States to take care of their security but the US already pays 75% of the NATO budget. Donald Trump is a supporter of a strong NATO and of Poland and Eastern Europe in a strong NATO. He said ”We want more countries to follow the example of Poland; if every country in NATO made the same contribution as Poland, all of our allies would be more secure.” Donald Trump is also interested in increasing the anti-terrorism capabilities of NATO. Poland is the location of the headquarters for NATO anti-terrorism center. Poland also sent 28,000 troops to assist the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. In his eyes, Poland is a model alliance member.

For these reasons, the majority of Polish-Americans are supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States.