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Why Follow What Someone Else Does?

You are a unique individual who could never think like another person.

Fear of being different or wrong or less important than another keeps a lot of women from ever reaching their true potential in this life.

Stepping out into a relationship can be avoided before it ever gets off the ground…….if you fear closeness.  Or, if you listen to someone close to you who will tell you “it will never work…..he’s not for you”.  (I say, “who died and left that person boss to Lord over you”.)

I think that we give too much credit either consciously or sub-consciously to other people.
LOOK AT WHO YOU REALLY ARE!  You do not need someone else to give you approval or direct you.  Or, try to impress you with “I know more, or I know better than you do”.  We all have our superior talents and callings.  Have you found yours yet?  You never will if you are following the crowd, instead of blazing your own trail!

Keep how you think and what you do in line with each other; not two separate roads going in opposite directions.  Think twice before you open your mouth to pass anything by someone else, for their opinion can be way out of line compared to your truths and realities.

Just say, for instance, that you have always dreamed of being an actress, and someone told you “forget it, that is a pipe dream, you will never make it”.  Little do they know that if you should be in the right place at the right time, “you can be discovered” and soar to heights that only others dream about, and “the know it-all could never fathom”!

Dream big, think big, allow greatness to come to you without a lesser type of individual thwarting your desires.

When you hit the jackpot, you can call on them and “Lord it over them”! You are too good to waste on someone else’s lack of insight……CHANGE YOUR THINKING AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Volume XII, Article 51