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Whistle, Breathe, Launch

FINAforwebCANADA – Every athlete seemed to hear this pattern at the FINA World Series Diving 2014 that took place in Windsor from Friday, May 30th to Sunday, June 1st.

This event, celebrating its eight edition, commenced on March 14th and was divided into a string of six cities in three continents beginning in Beijing China and will soon be ending in Monterrey Mexico. Windsor Canada was one of the stops this year at its new facility: The Windsor International Aquatic and Training Center.

In photo on right: Irena Sziler with Great Britain’s Tom Daley (20), Diver and 2012 Olympic Medalist.

Holding an audience of around 1,200 for Sunday’s final Competition, the new International Aquatic and Training Centre and Windsor’s Mayor Eddie Francis efforts towards bringing the world to Windsor can be seen as a success thus far.

“I think the aquatics centre is a really big step for Windsor,” says Diana Lu, a nursing student at the University of Windsor.

“We now have a space to hold sporting events, bringing big names such as Tom Daley to Windsor.”

Filion  The participating nations included Canada, Great Britain, Italy, Mexico, USA and China. Amongst those nations’ competing athletes were some familiar Olympian faces such as Roseline Filion of Canada who won a bronze medal in 10m Synchro during the 2012 Olympics as well as Tom Daley of Great Britain who won the Bronze in the Men’s 10m Platform during the Olympics of 2012.

In photo on right: Irena Sziler and Canadian Roselin FIlion (26), Diver and 2012 Olympic Medalist.

Throughout the competition, China retained 10 medals, seven of which were gold and three silver, while Great Britain ended up with 3 medals, two silver and one bronze.

Irena Sziler and Canadian Roselin FIlion (26), Diver and 2012 Olympic Medalist.

At this year’s Windsor competition, Canada harvested a total of 4 medals – one being gold, one silver and two bronze amongst the men and women genres. Filion, having won bronze in the 10m platform, was rather proud.

As for what she thought of FINA being hosted here in Canada?

“This is such a great opportunity to promote diving in this amazing facility,” Filion remarks.

“I really hope it motivated young kids to start up diving.”

Having started with an interest in gymnastics, which led to a peaked interest in diving, Filion’s advice for future athletes is quite simple: “Never give up and most importantly stay active.”


A volunteer bears the FINA flag and leads the way
for the Men’s 10m Platform Winners

  While the competition’s goal is simply to permit a vast exposure for its athletes internationally all the while increasing prize money for the top three spots, it seemed to bring together a global unity among the athletes during their time here in Windsor. Their most valued time was spent with each other. Whether it be laser tagging or exploring the city, they were able to realize, in Filion’s words, that: “Diving is a wonderful sport, especially here in Canada.”

Irena Sziler
June 2nd, 2014