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Apr 18, 2024

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Where Is The Decorum & Dignity?

How typical. The President has announced he will not meet with Benjamin Netanyahu but gives an exclusive interview to YOUTUBE star Glozell Green whose claim to fame is filling a bathtub with milk and fruit loops cereal and eating it out of the tub while sitting in it, documenting  her coughing and choking spasms while attempting to swallow spoonfuls of cinnamon and inserting condoms up her nose.

What ever happened to the decorum, dignity and aura supposedly attributed to the office of the President of the United States? Who thinks it is amusing for the leader of the free world to play straight man to a giggling foul-mouthed woman?

It’s bad enough that the President proved himself to be ethically challenged by trashing the Constitution, but to drag the office of the Presidency to these low depths is more than embarrassing.

I have no problem with the woman using YOUTUBE to showcase her stunts. My problem is with a leader who fails to bring stability to our country and the world by his lack of sound judgment. He is not a TV star. He is the President of the United States. He should start acting like it!