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Apr 18, 2024

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What You Feel… Comes From Your Gut!

(What you think… is a product of your mind)

Your mind can waffle back and forth, get dull or charged up with thoughts and ideas.

But, the real good insights “come up from your gut feelings”.  These are the intuitive thoughts that pan out and usually reap the results you are looking for.  When you blow-off these feelings you may have blown away true success.

An intuitive gut feeling comes up out of nowhere…..much to your own surprise.

If you are a creative person you are used to these promptings “as second nature”.  If not of a creative nature, then you may argue with yourself when you feel something unexpected that may not make any sense to you at the time.

In the course of twenty-four hours in your day, there are many “promptings” while you are awake or while you are asleep.  (Keep pen and paper next to your bed to jot down the thoughts as soon as you awake, so that you don’t lose them.)  You will find it interesting to keep a log of what your successes have been….much to your own surprise!

You are made up of many interesting facets that should be tapped into along your road in life, don’t throw them away.  Life is as interesting as you choose to make it.  Go for the untried and pull yourself out of the straight-lived conventional motivation.  Sometimes you have to change to open up the way you think, to open up a new road in life.

Good Luck!  Expect the unexpected to bring to you a new level of understanding!

Volume XII, Article 60