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Dec 7, 2023

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What Nixon Did Is Like Spitting In The Ocean
Compared To What’s Going On Now!

President Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate which, when compared to all the cumulative scandals in this administration today, seems unbelievable. What President Nixon did was like spitting in the ocean compared to all the lies, cover-ups, schemes, selective justice, arrogant disregard for our Constitution, flagrant dismissal of Congress, persistent push of the US/Mexico Social Security Totalization agreement which would allow non-citizens to draw benefits from our rapidly dwindling S.S. fund, the targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, the invasion of our privacy by the NSA by monitoring our phone calls, e-mails, text messages, the refusal of this government to enforce standing law choosing instead to sue the states that do and finally the idiocy of our foreign policy.

Today, I watched in disbelief as our country welcomed with open arms and red carpet fanfare, Chinese General Fang Fenghui ignoring China’s aggressive push for dominance of the sea, its brazen act of drilling for oil off the coast of Vietnam, the rapid building of their naval fleet while we are reducing ours at a suicidal rate. By recognizing this General’s visit in such a welcoming manner it would appear to the rest of the world but especially to the Chinese and the Russians that we are not only weak but stupid. Who is responsible for this foolish and dangerous foreign policy? Surely it can not be the most brilliant President since the invention of the wheel, can it? Compare the treatment of this Chinese General to the rudeness shown to Benjamin Netanyahu when the President abruptly left him to go to dinner or the treatment of the Dalai Lama who was forced to leave the White House by a basement exit after their meeting.

This foreign policy is akin to the appeasement of the playground bully who takes our lunch money given over willingly in fear, by us, hoping that tomorrow he will be our friend. GROW UP!

Our Allies are being treated with distain. Our enemies are being welcomed and bowed to. Nothing is being done to stem their aggression.

Wake up, Americans! We need to elect leaders with backbone and I don’t mean Hillary. Do you remember her commercial about “who do you want to answer the call at 3 AM?” Well, they called from Benghazi multiple times begging for help. She didn’t answer the phone and either did anyone else!! THINK before you give your vote away!