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What Does 2017 Have
In Store For You!

Aries 2017
The year 2017 will be challenging for  business and employment decisions. Saturn’s influence indicates a time to improve work skills through education or on the job training.  Get in touch with your stars and use it as a guideline to reassure your future outlook is realistic. In some cases education may be needed to further your goals.  Mars, your planetary ruler, will activate your solar chart throughout the year providing you with speedy decisions – a quick check on the horoscope for the month will allow you to use this dynamic force monthly.  Solar chart indicates change due to the transit of Uranus in your sign. The third deaconate for the sign Aries will be affected indicating a need to be free. Jupiter in the sign Libra until October 10, 2017 indicates personal and business relations will be positive. Some of our Aries friends may be getting married. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017 placing the good fortune on vested accounts and spiritual healing.

Taurus  2017
Saturn will transit your 8th solar house and will place the obligatory concerns with partner’s resources, vested accounts, taxes and credit card debt.   There are no easy solutions because others may control your financial future; therefore, use tact and diplomacy and in some cases financial counseling helps. Jupiter entered your solar 6th house on September 9, 2016 Homeopathic healing and improving work conditions are the areas of good fortune Jupiter enters your solar 7th house on October 11, 2017 shedding its fortunate rays on business and personal relationships. Some of our Taurus friends may be getting married. It will be  frustrating to have Uranus transiting your 12th house because it can have a negative affect on your subconscious state. Avoid clandestine relationships.

Gemini  2017
Saturn will transit your solar 7th house and will affect relationships – business and personal. This is a difficult transit especially if you are in a troubled relationship. Divorce is commonplace or a relationship that has been nonproductive will come to an end. Unattached Gemini’s need to be careful of dating or becoming attached with undesirable partners – business and personal. Jupiter, the planet of expansion occupies  your 4th house where it will  provide  you with good fortune with real estate, relocation and home improvement  Jupiter will then transit your solar 5th house on October 11, 2017   – romance; children and creative pursuits are fortunate areas. Uranus provides you with innovative ideas and new and unusual friendships.

Cancer 2017
Pay particular attention to your health. A loss of energy can lead to health issues; therefore, it will be necessary   to provide a good diet, exercise and homeopathic healing. Employment issues need to be handled with tact and diplomacy. You may be given more responsibility or changes that may be negative. Job or change of career should not be considered at this time. Jupiter will occupy your 3rd house until September 9, 2017 and will provide you with good  fortunate in the  areas of communications and family conditions. Change of residence may be considered. Career or employment should be handled with the utmost discretion as radical Uranus transits your 10th solar house. You need to check your need to be free from authority. The positive aspect is to enter into a position that is unique.

Leo 2017
Saturn will be transiting your 5th solar house and will place the onus on romance, children and creative pursuits. Since Saturn demands structure and hard work, you may decide to bring a romance that has been nonproductive to an end.  Children may bring more responsibility. Not a good time to gamble or speculate. In some cases separation or a divorce may be the criterion. Jupiter entered your solar 3rd house on September 09, 2016 – This is a precursor to changing your means of communications and relocating. Jupiter enters your solar 4th house on October 11, 2017 and will provide you with good fortune with real estate, relocation and domestic issues. Uranus transits your 9th solar house and can provide you with keener hindsight.  Good position for getting an Astrological update and a dramatic change in your philosophical views.

Virgo 2017
Virgos who are born in the first 10 days of your sign will need guidance because of the Neptune – Saturn influence. Neptune will oppose your sign causing confusion with relationships – business and pleasure. Saturn enters the domestic angle of your solar chart. A difficult aspect for family relationships, real estate and relocating. Jupiter entered your solar 2nd house on September 9, 2016 providing you with fortunate monetary investments. Jupiter will enter your 3rd house on October 11, 2017 and will provide you with better ways or communications.  Jupiter entry into your 3rd house is a precursor for the purchase of real estate or relocating.    Uranus’s influence to your solar 8th house indicates an unstable monetary condition. Be not a borrower or a lender be – distrust money schemes through others who may not have your best interest at heart. Avoid clandestine sexual relationships – you may be held accountable for your actions.

Libra 2017
Libras who are born in the 3rd  deaconate of Libra need to be careful of personal and business decisions.  Uranus will be opposing your Sun sign and as a result, unexpected events can cause a sudden change in your lifestyle.  Jupiter entered your sign on September 9, 2016 providing you good fortune with travel, education and improving your spiritual. Jupiter will enter your solar 2nd  house on October 11,2017 providing you with monetary gain. Investments, vested accounts,  are areas of growth. Saturn transits your 3rd solar house where it will bring a change of how you are communicating with others – business and personal.  Saturn can cause you to be critical of family and can affect your immediate environment. In some cases this can be a precursor to relocate or purchase of real estate. In both areas it will not be easy because of obligatory family needs.

Scorpio 2017
Saturn will be transiting your solar 2nd house over the next 1 1/2 years and will affect your monetary situation. Not a good time to speculate – protect your possession and be frugal in spending. Credit cards and other monetary matters should be micro managed.   Jupiter  will transit your solar 12th and will provide you with a need to reinvent your spiritual needs. Good time to study spiritual knowledge. Good time for an Astrological update. Jupiter enters your  sign on October 11, 2017 education, travel and self improvement are fortunate areas.  Uranus will transit your solar 6th house during the year 2017 and can be the cause of nervous disorders that can affect your health. Avoid excessive use of drugs – homeopathic healing is recommended. Change of employment or work schedules are commonplace with the rays of erratic Uranus.

Sagittarius  2017
Saturn transits your sign; therefore, it will be incumbent on you to take measures that will protect your health and your mental condition. You can perceive this as a precautionary measure to insure a more stable future since you will be living in a real world of obligations and hard work. Jupiter will transit your solar 11th house providing  you with innovative ideas. You gain through creative friends that can offer a new plan of action. Jupiter will enter your solar 12th house on October 11, 2017 providing you with inner peace a good time to reflect on your spiritual needs. A good time for rest and meditation.  Uranus – most agreeable to changes that necessitate your freedom and independence. Romantically your magnetism attracts unusual or eccentric types.

Capricorn 2017
Saturn, your planetary ruler will be transiting your solar 12th house placing the onus on a need to recharge your batteries – rest and relaxation. You must evaluate your position in life – you will experience a need to be alone and shy away from the main stream of life. The position of Saturn in your 12th solar house will remain until December 19, 2017.  Jupiter entered Libra on September 9, 2016 providing you with positive changes in business and career. Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017 and will continue to bring good fortune with business and monetary gain through new and untried ideas. Capricorn’s that are born in  3rd  deaconate of your sign  will  be affected by the Uranus and  Pluto transit – In order to understand the influences of the Uranus Pluto transit an update of your natal chart is necessary.

Aquarius 2017
Saturn, your co-ruler transits your solar 11th house where it will remain  until December 19, 2017.  There will be a need to expand areas of business and productive ways of adding to your financial situation. Meeting new friends with innovated ideas can be advantageous. Be prepared to accept most of the burden – in some cases there will be a need to work alone. Uranus your secondary ruler will transit your solar 3rd house where it will provide you with better ways of communicating with others.  New and creative ideas can change your direction for the better.    Jupiter entered your solar 9th house on September 9, 2016 improving your foresight – education and travel were fortunate areas. Jupiter enters your solar 10th house on October 11, 2017 providing you with positive changes of business and employment choices.

Pisces 2017
Sensitive dreamy Neptune will reside in your sign far into the future causing you to be on a natural high. Consider health issues and avoid alcohol and drugs. Homeopathic healing and Yoga are positive ways of healing.  Jupiter entered your solar 8th house on September 9, 2016 improving  vested accounts, partners’ money and reexamining your spiritual needs.  Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 11, 2017 and will provide you with keen insight. Education, travel and improving your philosophical beliefs through spiritual knowledge improves. Uranus transits your solar 2nd house, where it will have a profound affect on your monetary situations, be careful of quick money schemes or unstable monetary risks. Trust no one with your possessions. Uranus makes us suddenly rich – then – the opposite.

By Steven Joseph Sinopoli, Astrologian