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Weekend Assaults Are Telling

(November 6, 2017) Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how the media are reacting to this weekend’s assaults:

·        A practicing conservative Catholic goes on a killing spree in a neighborhood church, killing many innocent people.

·        A conservative activist assaults a liberal senator.

·        Conservative protesters, who profess a belief in violence, take to the streets in 20 cities, tying up traffic.

 None of this happened. Here’s what did happen.

·        A professed atheist killed 26 people, injuring 24 others, in a church in Texas.

·        A socialist activist assaulted Sen. Rand Paul.

·        Antifa, which believes “violence is necessary,” took to the streets with Refuse Fascism in at least 20 cities, tying up traffic, burning the American flag, chanting anti-American slogans.

 The media, of course, will never connect the dots on what actually happened. But if the hypothetical scenario had happened, is there anyone who doubts that we would now be treated to long harangues on the danger that conservative Catholics and conservative activists pose to law-abiding Americans?

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