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Apr 20, 2024

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We Will Never Leave A
Fallen Comrade Behind

A promise acted upon by most members of the military throughout decades of war service by men serving in all branches of the service.

A belief, I’m sure, held by the two Navy seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, on the roof of the Benghazi Embassy as they voluntarily held off the terrorist attack for seven hours believing that true to their word, their comrades in arms would appear to help them. That help never came and both of these heroes were killed along  with Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his aide Sean Smith.

The White House and State Department staff watched them die from the situation room in the White House. There were Marines one hour away and we had two aircraft bases within an hour’s travel time of Benghazi. Someone gave the “stand down” order. Who? Was it the President, Hillary or Valarie Jarrett? We still don’t know after 6 years! Hillary said, “What difference does it make?!” The President gave lip service to the quote in several of his speeches, but never acted to save them. Was he in the situation room? Where was he?

When the bodies were brought back, the President and Hillary stood with hands over their hearts as the caskets passed by and promised the families that the government would not rest until it “got to the bottom of this.” SIX YEARS have gone by and still no one has been held responsible!

I still think we deserve an answer and Memorial Day would have been the perfect time to continue asking.


Wake up Americans?