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We Have A New Priest!
Ordination In Torun, Poland

Irena Kapral with cousin Fr. Maciej Kępczyński

On June 14, 2014, Maciej Kępczyński, age 25 from Torun, was ordained a priest in Torun’s cathedral. On June 15, 2014, Father Kępczyński said his first Mass at St. Teresa’s where his family are parishioners. A reception followed with a band. There was dining, dancing, and singing from beginning to end, and a beautiful cake which was enjoyed by all. Maciej wanted to be a priest from a very young age. His cousins, Asia and Agnieska, told the story of how Maciej played a priest and they were the altar servers. They brought him a piece of bread and a cup of juice for the wine. There was a bowl of water for the washing of the hands, and round white chips for communion. Sto Lat Kapłan Maciej Kępczyński!
Submitted by Irene Kapral

Asia, Agnieska, Kapłan Maciej, Ciocia Jadzia and Wujek Tomek


Fr. Maciej’s family: Siostra Monika, Mama Ania, Kapłan Maciej, Tata Janek, Mąź Przemysław with Grzegosz and Krzystof.

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