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Dec 6, 2023

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We Already Have A Woman President!

I have been following the news regarding the excitement of the Democrats and their media propaganda zealots on CBS, NBC, ABC and MSNBC. All are beside themselves with the prospect of the possibility of a female President, either Hilary or Elizabeth Warren. This over the top reporting makes me laugh outloud. We already have a woman President! Her name is Valarie Jarrett, the Godmother, confidante, Chicago slumlord who groomed the Obamas for their political games and followed them into the White House where SHE CALLS THE SHOTS. It is rumored the Obamas do not make a move without her. She orchestrated the Obama’s political future, bringing along all their Chicago cronies for positions of power in the government.

As part of her government history, she was paid to build and manage Chicago’s affordable housing complex, Grove Park Plaza, which was run into a rodent infested, sewage clogged slum run by Jarrett. Then those same people including her, profited by redeveloping them. A clever, devious woman who now runs our country with an unchallenged hand. The Obamas do exactly what she tells them to do. Wake up Americans! We already have a female President and one who is NOT looking out for you or our country!