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Feb 21, 2024

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A special wake-up call is what we all went through a year ago with Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy.  Some of us fared way better than others.  Where we go and what we do from here on in is yet to be seen.

If we continue down the same path of over-consumption, non-concerned attitudes with no respect for life, living things and the environment that surrounds us….then we have what we have.

All these negative attitudes and emotions have evolved up into our atmosphere, in my opinion.  Stormy people, stormy weather…there has to be a connect here, visible or invisible.

The challenge now… are we going to change and correct this?  Is it too late to turn things around?  (This time it is, we are still in a clean-up mode a year later.)  Will we re-build what was, “as is” or re-build something better, safer, and more sensible?

We have had the wake-up call, are we smart enough to put everything in its proper perspective?  The weather patterns have spoken. Global warming, earthquakes, pollution, famine, floods etc.; re-building takes in people, places, and things ….. ALL NOT JUST PART OF ANY EQUATION!

If we have any sense we should be re-evaluating the whole picture that surrounds us, instead of checking the newspapers for what to buy, what’s on sale and where or what movie you want to see next!

Our priorities are way out of whack and the latest government shut-down is just another example that this experience is going to “open our eyes” for what can happen next.  Did you ever think that you would be seeing the likes of all of this hitting your home or close to home in your lifetime?  Probably not.

Tropical Storm Sandy caused losing power – the internet, telephone communication. It may be back online now, but what if…..what if this is just the beginning…… And now we have government workers being furloughed from their jobs without pay, while the politicians go on as usual bickering amongst themselves and collecting their pay.  Do you think that there is something wrong?  I do!

If a meteor hit planet earth now….it probably would be doing us a favor!

Volume XII, Article 80