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Visa Waivers For Poland NOW!

According to the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS’S National Executive Board, there is a very good chance that if we Polish Americans launch a grassroots telephone campaign now, then Poland will accede to the United States State Department’s Visa Waiver Program this year.  We must persuade members of Congress that we want our Polish kin to visit the States without spending their time and money applying for a visa.  Readers recall that United States citizens do NOT require a visa to visit Poland.  All we demand for Poland is reciprocity.  Today, the focus of our efforts must be on the United States Senate. In the near future, we will need to telephone our members of the House of Representatives to ask them to support House Resolution 490.

The full Senate is now considering Senate Resolution 744 (S.744): “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act”.  This resolution includes the Senate’s call for Poland’s accession to the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program.

That is why Dr. Stanislaw Sliwowski, president of the POLISH AMERICAN CONGRESS’S NEW JERSEY DIVISION, asks New Jersey’s Polish Americans, and all others who value fair play and reciprocity in international affairs, to telephone New Jersey’s two United States Senators at their Washington, DC offices.  Your message should be:

My name is ____ _____ and I am a resident of ________, New Jersey. I encourage Senator ________  to vote for S.744 that will enable Poland, a loyal friend and ally of the United States, to accede to the State Department’s Visa Waiver Program.  Senator ______, Polish American constituents will applaud and remember next Election Day the Senator’s support.  Thank you.

Why not save some money and telephone our two Senators at their district offices here in New Jersey?  We need to flood the Senators’ Washington, DC offices with telephone calls to persuade the staffers of our two Senators that Polish Americans mean business.  If you telephone the Senators’ district offices, then your message may or may not be relayed to your Senators in Washington, DC. We need to impress the Senators’ staffers in Washington, who are more interested in political affairs rather than constituent services, which is the focus of district office staffers,  that if the Senators do not vote for S. 744, then Polish Americans will NOT vote for them.

Please telephone Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) at 202-224-4744, and Senator Jeff Chiesa (R-NJ) at 202-224-3224.

John Czop
June 18, 2013