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Dec 3, 2023

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Valentine Promises


I Promise to Always Love You.

I promise to only try to uplift your spirit and not bring you down.

I promise to Trust You.

I promise to always “let you talk” while I am really listening to you.

I promise to give you the best of myself…..not the worst.

I promise to acknowledge your accomplishments.

I promise to be a help-mate not a person who just takes and never gives.

I promise to always talk to you about what may be bothering me.

I promise to care for you if you get sick, and hope that you would do the same.

I promise to let you live your life and not stifle you.

I promise to not show jealousy if you talk to another woman in my presence.

I promise to act like a grown-up in the relationship and not like a child.

I promise to Adore You and Respect You.

I promise to always Forgive You…if I feel let down in any way.

I promise to help our love grow and not become stagnant.

I promise to let you be you and live your life.

I promise to always tell you the truth and not side-step any issues.

I promise not to expect gifts or flowers, but I am thrilled if you thought of me.

I promise to keep the love that we share a treasured gift.

I promise that Valentine’s Day in our lives is 365 days a year…not just one!


– Volume XII, Article 52