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Feb 22, 2024

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Ukraine Today; Poland Tomorrow?

By Bob Nesoff

Not all that many years ago child psychologists told parents that if they punished unruly children for acting up, throwing a tantrum or causing dame, they would hurt the child’s growth and development.

They were absolutely correct. A near-generation of children grew up thinking they had no responsibility, could do exactly as they pleased, hurt other children and there would be no repercussions.

In photo: According to Vladimir Putin, the Ukrainian below, is one of the individuals he is trying to “DeNazify” as the reason for his invasion of Ukraine. His attacks have now come within 10-miles of the border with Poland. Is that the next step in his agenda?

Welcome to Vladimir Putin, arguably the most spoiled child the world has seen since the unlamented demise of Adolf Hitler.

The world, and that includes the United States, have been issuing platitudes and imposing sanctions. They’ve seriously damaged the Russian economy but have brought no direct pain on Kommerad Putin. He is rumored to be the richest man in the world with his assets so well hidden that even Forbes can’t make a conclusive estimate of his net worth.

Yes, we are sending military supplies. Yes we are sanctioning his Oligarchs, but they have so much money and property hidden that the only thing that hurts them is the loss of their multi-million yachts.

The Russian attack has not come within 10 miles of Poland, a NATO member. Poland, spurred on by Lech Walesa, was the straw that broke the Russian Bear’s back and precipitated the break-up of the Soviet Union.. Putin dreams of reviving that abomination.

His attack so close to the border signals his intent to keep moving until Communism and the Soviet Union reign supreme once again.

Russian disdain for Poland was on full display in World War II. They murdered scores of Poles in the Katyn Forest and blamed it on Hitler and the Nazis. What many people forget is that Russia was never a true ally of the West.

The Russians were allied with Hitler until he pulled a double-cross and attacked them. Suddenly they were against Hitler and his murderous hordes. He located concentration camps in Poland and blamed the Poles. Russia did nothing to correct history.

He has now invaded Ukraine and has promulgated propaganda to justify his murderous intrusion. He has said he wants to “DeNazify” Ukraine when, in fact, Putin is the modern-day Nazi.

His troops bomb hospitals, apartment buildings civilian areas and claims they are being used for military purposes. He has cut off any unbiased news from the Russian people and convinced them that he is fighting to save Russia.

The fact of the matter is that thousands of his troops have been killed by the smaller force of Ukrainians. He has forgotten the lesson of Afghanistan where Russia left with its tail between its legs.

He has not forgiven Poland for leading the charge to democracy and showing the world that the Russian bear had no teeth. If he is not stopped, and stopped with force, there is little doubt that Poland will be in his sights next.

But history has shown that if he does, indeed, cross that border, he will find that the people of Poland will never go back to being a satellite of the Communist state. They revere their freedom and much like Ukraine, will fight to the last Pole and will once again defeat Russia.

That can be avoided if the Free-World stops talking and does something substantial to defeat Vladimir Putin.