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U.S. Ambassador On “Warm & Excellent”
Polish-American Relations

(27.02.2013 – Poland) – In an interview for Polish Radio’s English Service, US Ambassador Stephen Mull talked about American troops in Poland and bilateral US – Polish relations.

Referring to the first Rotational Detachment of the US Air Force, which arrived in Poland for two-weeks training a few days ago, Ambassador Mull, who took over at the American Embassy in Warsaw in November last year, told reporter Michal Kubicki:

“One of the most important security goals for us is to improve the ability of our militaries to operate together. We hope we won’t have to fight any more wars after we finish our common efforts in Afghanistan, but you never know, you have to make sure that your militaries are prepared.”

The Ambassador described Polish-US relations as “warm and excellent”, adding that “the United States is really grateful for the incredible sacrifices that our Polish allies have made [in Afghanistan], both in the lives that have been lost, and the money and resources that the Polish government has committed to this”.

He added that the best way “to keep the relations active and alive is to keep introducing the United States to the new generation of Poles”.

– Polskie Radio