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TurfMutt Helps Kids
Avoid “Summer Slide”

Summer can be a good or bad situation for children and parents when school lets out. Kids are typically more than ready to trade school lessons for leisure time. But parents want to ensure their children don’t succumb to the “summer slide” – the phenomenon where students lose important skills they’ve learned over summer break.

TurfMutt – the online stewardship and education program for students ages 5-12 – has a solution that is fun for kids, yet also satisfies a parent’s desire to keep kids learning, even on school break. Here are the top ways TurfMutt and the Outdoor Powers strike a perfect summer break balance for kids and parents.

Digital Storybooks
Is your little one required to do summer reading? Add TurfMutt’s digital storybooks to the mix. There are two tales to tackle: “The West Coast Mission” and “Saving the Planet, One Yard at a Time.”

Creative Writing
TurfMutt’s digital storybooks might inspire your child to create their own story, and TurfMutt has an online story creator to help! Your child simply adds their name, selects their age range, and off they go! There’s no chance for writer’s block with TurfMutt’s story idea spinner, which suggests imaginative topics at the click of a button. With countless combination options, your child can create multiple tales throughout the summer. There is even a drawing screen so your student can add illustrations.

Outdoor-Themed Activity Sheets
The TurfMutt activity sheets are where the screen time ends. The hands-on TurfMutt activities are based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) principles and encourage kids to go outside to learn about the green space around them. The activity sheets are available in two categories – for kids in grades K-2 and grades 3-5.

Climate Quest Game
TurfMutt’s Climate Quest game is at the head of the class. The interactive video game challenges children to answer questions correctly to help TurfMutt and the Outdoor Powers move through the climate regions on an interactive map of the United States.

Educational Videos
When it’s time to wind down for the day, sometimes there is nothing better than a video. TurfMutt has several educational short movies that cover topics about living landscapes. They teach children how to help their families be good environmental stewards of the green space around them.

Learn more and stop the “summer slide” at