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To Make or Break America:
9 Proven Ways To Destroy Freedom

History teaches us two things: what works and what doesn’t. After over 200 years of experience, we know definitively what has worked for America. We also know just as definitively, what has caused other countries to fail.

America was the first country in history to be founded exclusively on individual freedom. It was an experiment never before done. The outcome was unknown. Today we do know with certainty the wildly successful impact freedom has on people. Americans have created the highest standard of living, along with the best quality of life in human history.

While America was growing and prospering, most other countries were doing the exact opposite. Their populations were suffering under tyrannical regimes that exerted iron fisted control through the elimination of freedom.

The American Constitution was crafted specifically to limit the scope of government in order to prevent its infringing on individual liberties. Our government was formed to serve the people, rather than vice versa.

America was created to enable each citizen to control his or her destiny without fear of interference by government or others.

The doors of America have always been open to people from anywhere in the world who want to come here legally to work hard, contribute, and assimilate into our society. America’s reputation as a melting pot is derived from the fact that people from every walk of life work together to create an unstoppable force for good.

History has also clearly documented the tactics used by dictators, tyrants, and fascists to enslave a population through the suppression of freedom. History has recorded the abject misery and suffering which results.

Here are 9 of the tactics used by tyrannical regimes throughout history to destroy freedom:

1) Control healthcare: Government control of healthcare provides control over virtually every aspect of people’s lives.

2) Increase poverty: Expand the welfare state by suppressing the economy and driving up unemployment. People who are dependent on government are readily controlled.   Poor people are easier to control and will not object to oppression when government is providing everything for them to live.

3) Create massive debt: Increase national debt to an unsustainable level. Taxes can then be increased, which suppresses the economy leading to more poverty.

4) Prohibit self-defense: Remove the ability of individuals to defend themselves. This enables justification of the creation of a police state under the guise of pubic safety.

5) Centralize control of education: Total government control of what children learn in school usurps educational system oversight from the people and allows indoctrination of the students.

6) Cultivate class warfare: Divide a population into opposing segments based on money, race, gender, religion, and age. Provoke the various groups to fight with each other. This creates civil unrest, which prevents unification against oppressive policies.

7) Suppress free speech and dissent: Crush criticism of the government by wielding the force of government agencies.

8) Eliminate privacy: Monitor all communications. Install an endless array of cameras.

9) Spread fear: Use fear of government retribution to force people into submission.

America’s greatness is proof of the power of freedom. However, liberty is only maintained through constant vigilance. America’s founders recognized that the forces of evil seeking to destroy America would be ever present.

Our Constitution provides the framework to protect America. It’s up to Americans to ensure that the Constitution is enforced. If there is no outcry when the Constitution is violated, then its provisions will no longer protect our Country and America will fail.

America belongs to you. If you love freedom, don’t sit on the sidelines watching it slip away. Stand up and speak out in support of liberty. America’s fate is in your hands.

By Bryan Golden

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.” Contact Bryan at or visit Ó 2014 Bryan Golden