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Nov 29, 2023

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The Success Story of a Long Island
Ethnic Museum

LIMuseum017forwebPort Washington, N.Y. … As was noted at the recent ceremony marking the 35th anniversary of Long Island’s Polish American Museum, the growth of this Port Washington institution continues to rely on the support and generosity of New York’s Polish community in its planning for the future.

One of such loyal and ardent supporters is the Downstate N.Y. Division of the Polish American Congress (PAC),  Its latest donation was the book, “Poland: The First Democracy in Modern Europe.”

This historical account of the evolution of freedom and human rights on the European continent was written by Prof. Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, an advisor to the Downstate Congress.

Barbara Szydlowski, president of the museum, expressed her appreciation for the gift of  Pogonowski’s important volume.  It was presented to her by PAC President Frank Milewski (right) and Vice President Chet Szarejko.

Commenting on the museum’s growth since the time of its founding in 1977, Mr. Szarejko said he was “amazed” it was all achieved “through the efforts of unpaid volunteers who dedicate their personal time and energy to take care of the administration, artifacts and collections.”

The museum is a unique educational resource designed to communicate to visitors the culture and heritage of the Polish people.  It contains documents, artifacts, paintings, displays and exhibits by people of Polish heritage and examples of their outstanding contributions.

The present site of the museum building is 16 Belleview Avenue, the former Port Washington Public Library purchased in January, 1982. Within thirty rooms, the building houses fifteen exhibit galleries, a research library, the Archacki Archives, a lecture hall, gift shop, offices, supplementary classrooms and storage areas.

Contact with the museum may be made by calling (516) 883-6542 or (516) 767-1936.

– Frank Milewski

In photo above: Photo by Downstate N.Y. Division PAC
The latest improvements displayed at the “Open House” of Port Washington’s Polish American Museum provided the appropriate moment to congratulate museum President Barbara Szydlowski. She and her all-volunteer staff were acknowledged for their notable success in developing the museum into the outstanding institution it has become. The congratulations came from the Downstate New York Polish American Congress through its Vice President Chet Szarejko (left) and President Frank Milewski who donated the book, “Poland: The First Democracy in Modern Europe.”