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The Power of Adversity

By Bryan Golden

Adversity is part of life. There is no way to avoid it. Although adversity may seem unpleasant, avoiding it inhibits your development. The more challenges you face, the more you are prepared for challenge. Instead of shunning adversity, welcome it as a growth opportunity.

Overcoming adversity builds strength, endurance, and stamina. Top athletes train by pushing themselves. Their regimens are difficult, not easy. As they make progress, they add more challenges. They understand that progress is made through struggle. The harder they push themselves, the better they become.

Janice, who just wants to increase her physical strength, also needs to tap into the power of adversity. Although she isn’t training for athletic competition, she uses the same principles. At the gym, how much weight should Janice lift? She needs enough weight to challenge her muscles.

If Janice selects too light a weight, she won’t achieve any noticeable increase in strength. Only when her muscles are experiencing the adversity of an increased load will they grow. As Janice grows stronger, she will be able to work with progressively heavier weights.

Sailors also benefit from the power of adversity. A mariner who’s only experience on the water is during perfect weather conditions, has a very limited skill set. Another sailor, who has been out in all types of weather is much more seasoned and capable.

Soldiers prepare for battle by undergoing extremely rigorous training. The objective is to condition them to the actual combat conditions which will be encountered. The more intense the preparation, the better they will perform on the battlefield.

A business owner who has successfully survived numerous economic downturns is more adept than a neophyte who has operated his new venture only during favorable conditions. The experienced businessman knows how to adapt to various financial challenges.

Adversity benefits all areas of life. When everything goes smoothly, your development is limited. With each challenge you overcome, you gain mental strength, resilience, knowledge, and skills.

Adversity is uncomfortable, yet necessary for success. Maintaining a can-do, will-do attitude makes adversity a lot more manageable. When confronting adversity say to yourself, “This is another opportunity to learn and grow.”

The discomfort of adversity drives you to push through it. Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister during World War 2 had a great perspective. He said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” When you’re going through adversity you have to solve problems and overcome obstacles. There is a way through, over, under, or around whatever you are dealing with.

Adversity forces you to dig deep into yourself to find strengths and capabilities you didn’t know you had. There are so many extraordinary stories of survival which aptly illustrate this point. People have survived at sea or in the wilderness, for days or weeks, with virtually no supplies.

You have within you the fortitude to successfully deal with whatever adversity lies in your path. Never give up, or make excuses for failure. You must do what it takes for as long as required to vanquish adversity. There is no room for a victim mentality where you blame other people or circumstances for your situation.

Knowing your purpose, or objective, provides a huge advantage when dealing with adversity. This knowledge keeps you on track. It also keeps you motivated by providing a vision of where success will take you.

Sue, a college student taking difficult classes, has a purpose of graduating so she can then begin working in her dream career. When the going gets difficult, Sue keeps her mind focused on her purpose. 

Harness the power of adversity with a determination to succeed. Each adversity you overcome conditions you to more readily handle your next challenge. Adversity is your training program which propels you to success.


Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.”  Contact Bryan at or visit Copyright 2020 Bryan Golden