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“The Old Battle Axe”

The expression “the old battle axe” has its origin in Roman/Greek mythology. There had been a civilization on the Isle of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea called Minoan. King Minos and his wife Pasaphae had a son, name the Minotaur which was half bull half man. He was a monster who was protected in the center of the labyrinth, a maze. The Minotaur devoured Greek youths that were sent to Crete each year. The word Labyrs means a double-headed axe. Paintings of the Labyrs are found every where in the Minoan palace. It is an ancient symbol of the Goddess’s power and authority. The axe represents the Goddess and the Amazons. The strong women of Crete were feared for their independence and strong spirits. They are often referred to rudely as “old battle axes.” In Crete being an “old battle axe” is something to be proud of.