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The Myth of Inequality

Throughout history, those seeking to usurp power and subjugate a population, have learned that you can get people to agree to almost anything if it’s in the name of equality and fairness.

Pitting one group against another on the basis of unfairness or inequality is a tactic consistently employed by those seeking to destroy freedom.   Achieving equality of positive outcomes is impossible to accomplish and certainly cannot be imposed through law or by dictate.  The only outcomes that can be forced are suffering and misery.

Only the goal of equal opportunity is achievable.  This fact has been proven repeatedly throughout time.  People cannot be compelled to be successful.

Let’s take a look at some real world examples that clearly and simply illustrate this fact.  We’ll first examine a college class.  The class has as even a playing field as is possible.  Each student has the same identical opportunity.  All of the students are at the same school, in the same room, at the same time, have the same book, the same instructor, hear the exact same lectures, are given the same assignments, have the same grading standards, and take the same tests.

In spite of equal opportunity, the students don’t all earn the same grade.  Why don’t all the students receive A’s?  Why are the outcomes different?  Because each individual student is different.

Each student decides what to do with their opportunity.  Those students who make scholastic achievements a priority get better grades than those who don’t.  Is it unfair that the more conscientious students earn higher grades?

Financial inequality is often blamed as the root of needless suffering.  The argument is made that confiscating from those who have, in order to give to those who don’t, will make a better, more just and equitable society.

This approach never works.  As a clear example, let’s examine what happens when people win multimillion dollar lottery jackpots.  One would presume that such a windfall must surely lead to a happy, successful, enjoyable, and worry free life.

However, the reality of what happens to these winners is the complete opposite.

Based on studies of lottery winners, the more money they win, the more likely they are to end up bankrupt.  It is estimated that up to 70% of the winners end up broke within seven years, with many winding up in worse financial condition than before they won.

As another example, consider two individuals starting a job in the exact same position, at equal pay at the same business.  One person may work harder.  The other might do only the minimum required to avoid being fired.  Is it unfair for the more diligent employee to receive promotions along with an increase in pay?

These examples clearly dispel the myth that successful outcomes can be forced, engineered, coerced, or assured.

Each individual is different in terms of their likes, dislikes, goals, aspirations, and work ethic.  Using inequality to justify social engineering or wealth redistribution is a proven formula for disaster.  Throughout history, every society utilizing this faulty strategy has failed miserably.

The myth of inequality is a deceitful premise, intentionally designed to break apart a free society.  It is used to justify punishing the successful without any benefit to those who they are claiming to help.

Only in a free society where people have the right and liberty to thrive is success possible.  History has explicitly proven this fact time and time again.  Misery and suffering are the only things that can be spread equally upon a population.  The myth of inequality is a weapon of oppression.

By Bryan Golden

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.”  Contact Bryan at or visit Ó 2014 Bryan Golden