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The Michigan Beat (March)

Well, I have received a lot of information and went to all the polka events for the month on February. Polkas are alive and well as you can see by reading The Michigan Beat. But always remember, if you have anything that you would like The Michigan Beat to report on / see in this column, please get the info to The Michigan Beat today. That can be done by email at or, also snail mail / send info to me at 258 Thornridge Ct. NW Grand Rapids, MI 49504. I love hearing from you!

Starting in the Michigan Beat’s home state of Michigan this month…. Polka DJ Tom Sanocki held his monthly polka dance at Tatra Hall in Muskegon, MI. This month’s band was The Ray Watkoski Family Band from Grand Rapids, MI. There was a Polish Soup Dinner in west Michigan in February. This dinner was complete with Polish Duck Soup. The Fat Tuesday events were also going strong in Grand Rapids, MI (the city were this writer lives.) There was “live polka music” in one of our grocery stores, Family Fare – which is a Spartan Store. This writer Ryan Krygier sang at the store with the polka band – The Stan Mroz Band – also from Grand Rapids, MI. Fat Tuesday also had a polka dance in Grand Rapids, MI at the local K of C Hall with the polka band – The Diddle Styx – also from Grand Rapids, MI. There was also a great Polish dinner that night at the hall. Finally the end of February in Grand Rapids, MI brought a “new” polka dance, The Queens Ball. All the past Grand Rapids, MI Pulaski Days Queens came together for this dance. (Grand Rapids, MI has had Pulaski Days in October since 1973.) The polka band for The Queens Ball was “BOX ON”. BOX ON is a pretty new polka family band from Michigan; eight kids and the parents all play in the band, and boy are they amazing! The band “BOX ON” has their second recording coming out in a few weeks. Their first recording was titled “BOX ON TAKE 1”, and now the second recording is titled “BOX ON TAKE 2”. I’m sure it will be even better than the first recording, and that recording is amazing! Watch next month in The Michigan Beat for more details!

Moving to Wisconsin now, Steve Meisner has a new recording entitled “Thank You”. This recording has “21 songs in total” – polkas, waltzes & obereks. I have listened to the recording already, and this will be another recording that you will want in your polka music collection. The recording has something that everyone will love. See for more details.

March 1st was the day for the Pack the Pantry Dance at Glendora House in Chicago Ridge, IL. This dance had the music of Misty Blues from Michigan.

March has a full schedule for polka musician Alex Meixner. He will be playing in FL & TX. See for more info.

Jimmy Sturr was in Florida in the month of February and in April the band will be performing at the Dyngus Day in New York. Check out .

Finally Mike Schneider from Wisconsin is already booking dates for this summer! He will be traveling all over the United States & Canada! Mike Schneider is also working on a new recording. See more on that and more next month in the Michigan Beat. Till then happy polka dancing and listening!