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Dec 1, 2023

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The Michigan Beat (January)

Well it’s unbelievable! It’s time that I wish all of you a very happy new year. It has been a year of change for the Post Eagle, but the good thing is that it is still here for all of us to enjoy – in this form on the website. I hope to be able to continue to write my column on this website for a long time.

On the polka front, it was a huge month in Grand Rapids, MI (the home town of The Michigan Beat.) Last month I’m sure you remember me talking about the release of the new polka CD by Emily Bizon from Grand Rapids, MI. The new CD (to remind you) is called Polkas On My Mind. The Michigan Beat now has the new CD and has listened to it several times! This new CD recorded by Emily Bizon is nothing short of amazing! The CD has a total of eleven amazing tracks for you to enjoy. You will play it time and time again. Emily Bizon is very talented. She is the daughter of Dan & Debra Bizon. Debra Bizon, then Debra Watkoski, recorded Never Ending Love with Jimmy Webber & the Sounds. Dan Bizon is also very involved on the polka front, playing accordion and drums with countless polka bands and helping to record many songs. Finally the grandparents of this very talented musician are Ray & Julie Watkoski, leaders of the Ray Watkoski Family Band from Grand Rapids, MI. Check out

Grand Rapids, MI also just had one the biggest polka dances of the year, “The Holly Hopp.” The late Eddie B. Sr. used to come to Grand Rapids, MI each Christmas season to play this dance. After Eddie’s passing, The Holly Hopp was canceled for a few years. Last year The Holly Hopp Polka Dance was brought back once again to Grand Rapids by polka follower Laura Shipanack at the Guest House. This is also Laura’s eatery, The Polka Pops Café. This dance now features Grand Rapids, Michigan’s own Gerry Kaminski. He is the leader of the polka band Gerry Kaminski’s Polka Network. Also at the party this year was special guest polka band, Box On from Internocken, MI. Some of the members of this band are the daughter and grandchildren of the original leaders of the Polka Family Band from the state of PA. Also joining the crowd that day were Hank and his family of “The Polka Family Band”. It is very important to support all polka bands / music. We need to keep polka music alive. But it is especially important to support bands like the band BOX ON. This is one of those very talented family polka bands! This band is made up of the parents and their eight children; all singing and playing instruments. This is the future of polka music. Please see BOX ON, on FACE BOOK and also at .

Pizza & Polkas also happened in December in Muskegon, MI. This was put on by Muskegon, Michigan’s polka DJs Tom & Mary Amy Sanoski. This event was a sellout with the music of Mike Scheider & the band from Wisconsin. Besides the music, there was also all the pizza one can eat by Furcono’s Pizza.

Dennis Polisky & the Maestro’s Men hope that all had a great holiday season. They played this past month at the Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA, along with the Dorsey & Miller Bands. This party really polkaed the house!

Jimmy Sturr performed his Christmas Show in Middletown, New York & Easton, Pennsylvania during the month of December. Jimmy Sturr was also in Atlantic City, NJ with Bobby Vinton.

Finally Alex Meixner will be performing in January 2015 in Florida & Texas.

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