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The Michigan Beat (February)

Well… last month was National Polka Month, so we hope you had a Happy National Polka Month!

The Michigan Beat hopes that you found a great way to celebrate. If you did, the Michigan Beat wants to hear about it! Please email the information today to or mail to me at 258 Thornridge Ct. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Always looking forward to putting “any” of your polka related information in my column.

As I write this column, there is a great group from West Michigan in Mexico at an “all inclusive” with travel agents Julie Watkoski & Dawn Rosinski, both polka band members from Grand Rapids, MI. The bands they are associated with are the Ray Watkoski Family Band and The Diddle Styx. A nice group goes on this trip each January.

Grand Rapids / west Michigan is looking forward to a huge local dance on February 28th, 2015. This will be at The Polka Pops Café (Polish Eatery) in Grand Rapids, MI. The polka music for this event will be provided by “BOX ON”; the latest new polka band in Michigan. You will want to plan to attend this dance! Please visit the band “BOX ON” website today.

January 25th was the Lucky Lottery Dance in Chicago, IL. This was at Glendora House. The bands were Lennie O, and Windy City Brass. Two of the other things coming up in that area are “Polka Fireworks” & “Pack The Pantry Dance” in March. Looking for more information on this, see Bel-Aire Records.

Alex Meixner has a great video on the internet. It was taken at Brauntex Theatre in Texas. This amazing musician began playing at the age of six. Alex will be joining the Music Publishers of America as Vice President. Also see Alex’s website for all the many upcoming dates in Texas.

If you are ever in Texas or Arizona, you can also catch the music of Squeeze Box.

Till next month, enjoy polka dancing!