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The Michigan Beat (April)

By the looks of things, there are lots of things to report this month on the polka front, and lots more to report again next month, thanks to everyone who sent in their information to The Michigan Beat. Always remember, get your information to me as soon as possible, by emailing info to me at; also look me up on FACE BOOK. Just type in my name (Ryan Krygier) to find me there. I look forward to hearing from you and writing / promoting what you have happening!

Grand Rapids, MI has “Half Way to Pulaski Days” right around the corner. (I will be writing about that event in my column next month.) Grand Rapids has our Pulaski Days event each year during the first full weekend in October.

Other news in Michigan… the Warren Polka Boosters Club (on our side of the state) recently held a “Nifty Fifties Polka Dance”. This same polka group will soon be celebrating their 43rd anniversary dance with the IPA Tribute Band. Lastly, this month in Michigan, The Polka Boosters Club of America, also on the east side of Michigan, sponsored a dance with America’s Concertina King, Jersey Polka Richie. See this column next month for more on this event.

Another thing that just happened in and around Grand Rapids, MI and everywhere was Easter. Why do I bring this up in this column? Well, one of the things that comes with Easter is the Polish / religious tradition of the Blessing of the Easter Foods. I (The Michigan Beat) always enjoy and look forward to doing this each Easter. This year, as there was last year for the Blessing of The Easter Food Baskets, there were several people and baskets to be blessed at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Grand Rapids, MI. There were over “forty baskets” to be blessed this year! There were also grade school children at this blessing, learning this great tradition with their parents.

Now going right across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin to hear about polka musician
Steve Meisner. Steve Meisner is talking about his latest release, “Thank You Music Lovers”. See more information on this and more from this band at . I hope that you get to see Steve and the band somewhere soon.

Going to the state of Illinois with Bel-Aire Records. The Easter “Swienconk” Dance
happened there on April 5th, 2015. The music was provided by Eddie B. Jr. & the
Versatones. You can see more on this event, and more at .

Fritz Polka Band from Verona, New York was on the Bridge St. TV Show in Syracuse, New York. This is all part of the area musicians Hall of Fame. Fritz Polka Band was inducted in 2010.

Finally, this month Alex Meixner and the band has lots happening right in the bandleader’s home town of Palm City / Stuart, Florida. As this is where Alex Meixner continues to live, he has reported that he only has to travel a total of “15 miles” for this gig. The event is an accordion workshop for school age kids. In May 2015, Alex Meixer and the band will be doing a North West Tour in the states of Ohio, New Jersey, New York & the state of Pennsylvania. For more on this band, please see .