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The Michigan Beat 8-7-13

I hope everyone is having a summer filled with polka happenings. Remember to contact me, so I can place your events in my column. I look forward to hearing from you. My email address is

Starting with a bit of sad news this month. Polka promoter/ DJ & member of the Polka Boosters Club of America, Dan Coopens, passed away suddenly on June 5th. Dan Coopens was from the east side of the state Michigan; this is the part of Michigan where the above polka club is located… Detroit, MI.

In June, Grand Rapids, Michigan was the place to be for the Kielbasa Idol. This is where all the area meat markets get together to see who has the best kielbasa; its by peoples’ choice. There were nine meat markets involved. Live polka music was provided by Grand Rapids, MI polka band Jerry Kaminski’s Polka Network.

DOGR_Bishop-elect_forwebLast month I talked about the new “Polish” Bishop for the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Bishop David John Walkowiak. Since then, I was able to see our new bishop celebrate Mass in person. On Sunday, July 28th, the new Bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI – serving 183,000 Catholics – said Mass at St. Patrick’s / St. Anthony’s Parish in Grand Haven, MI. This is one of the “first” parishes that our new bishop has visited! Father William (Bill) Langlios, pastor of this parish, was very grateful to have his parish be one of the first in the diocese to receive a visit from the new bishop. I attended this Mass. There were a total of five priests, three deacons and fourteen altar servers.

Now for more polka information! Jimmy Sturr is now on Sirius XM Radio. This is on channel 80 – Saturdays at 6:00 PM EST. Lynn Marie Rink has signed on with The Marc Whitmore Organization, in association with Richard A. Burkhart and DreaMakers, Inc. Lynn Marie’s stage work, “Wrap Your Heart Around It” will have its world premiere run at the Falcon Theatre in Toluca Lake (Los Angeles/Hollywood), California. For more info please call (310) 858-5900. The St. Stan’s Polish Fest took place in Bay City, Michigan with tons of great bands entertaining the crowds. Also The Cedar Polka Fest was held on the Fourth of July Weekend in Cedar, MI. The Michigan Beat was told that everything went well with that festival and all the bands did a great job! Alex Meixner has a lot going on at and he has also been performing in MN, PA, RI & NY. Finally the 39th Annual Polka Fireworks took place in Seven Springs, PA on July 4-7. Just to mention a few bands, the Diddle Styx from Grand Rapids, MI were there and also Eddie Blazonczyk’s New Phase from Illinois.

See everyone next month with more polka information. If you did not see your information in this month, you will see it in next month’s edition of The Michigan Beat.