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The Michigan Beat 4-2-14

It is time once again for the Michigan Beat. Always remember, if you have anything that you would like to see in this column from the mid-west or Canada, please contact me today. I can be contacted by email at or mail information to me at 258 Thornridge Ct., Grand Rapids, MI 49504. The Michigan Beat loves promoting the events that are in your area, and also the bands and musicians. I would love hearing about any new recordings. There is a new recording that will be talked about in the “next edition” of The Michigan Beat… BOX ONE TAKE 1 by The Rick Vinecki family from Michigan. Be sure to see the next edition of The Michigan Beat for more details! Speaking of the next edition, the next Michigan Beat will appear in the Post Eagle’s Easter Issue – April 16th!

Sunday, March 16th was the first polka dance of the season for the K of C Hall in Conklin, MI. We will now call it the first dance of the season, seeing as how this hall “no longer” has dances in the months of January & February due to Michigan’s bad winters. The music for the March dance was provided by the Ray Watkoski Family Band from Grand Rapids, MI. This hall which has hosted polka dances for many years has gone through some improvements over the winter – new windows, and removing dark paneling and replacing it with white walls. The place looks great!

Gary Ridgeland Dutchmen of Wisconsin has been nominated for polka artist of the year for the Wisconsin area music industry. Other nominees are Goodtime Dutchmen, Brewhaus Polka Kings, The Happy Schnapps Combo, Rhythm Playboys and the Squeezetters. Good luck to all the nominees. The winner will be announced on April 27th in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Molly B. & Squeeze Box played in Illinois & Michigan last month (March). The band played at the Mascoutah Moose Lodge # 815 & the St. Louis Metro Polka Club’s 30th Anniversary Dance in Illinois. The following day the band played for the Polka Boosters Club of America in Dearborn, MI. The next Molly B Polka Party tapping will take place on May 9th in Sandusky, Ohio. See or for more information.

Thursday, March 13th, Polish New Castle Radio ( hosted a “Double Doss of Polkas”, a tribute to Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. This was hosted by Tony Blazonczyk & Lenny Zilinski. Special guests were Jimmy Sturr, Keith Stras & Dennis Polisky & The Maestro’s Men. The location for this tribute was the Ludlow PACC in Massachusetts. All music featured on this live program was all originally recorded by Eddie Blazonczyk Sr. A few of the bands on the program were the IPA Tribute Band and Lenny Gomulka & The Chicago Push.

Note: If you did not see your information in this edition of The Michigan Beat, it will be in the next edition, which will be published in the Easter issue of the Post Eagle.