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The Michigan Beat 4-16-14

Starting off in this special Easter Edition of the Post Eagle newspaper, I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy Easter! Also thank you to the fearless leader of the Post Eagle newspaper, Christine, for asking The Michigan Beat  to be a part of this special issue. Easter may be one of The Michigan Beat’s favorite holidays. The Michigan Beat really looks forward to attending the Blessing of the Easter foods.

Always remember … if you have anything that you would like to see in this column, The Michigan Beat, please contact me today at or mail information to me at 258 Thornridge Ct. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. Looking forward to hearing from you today!

There is some sad news that has to be reported from Michigan. Polka Musician Eddie Kurdziel passed away on March 22nd. Eddie was best known in the 1960’s & 1970’s (polka / variety music). In recent years          The Michigan Beat saw Eddie Kurdziel at many events including dances in West Michigan.

As you may have read in the last Michigan Beat, Michigan has a new up and coming polka / variety  band called BOX ON. This band is nothing but amazing! They have just released their first CD entitled “BOX ON TAKE 1”. This recording has fourteen songs in total – polkas & more. You don’t want to miss a beat! For more information visit or call (231) 668-9585. If you like the Polka Family Band at all, you need to have this recording! I’m not saying anymore.

Steve Meisner recently played the Old Music Fest at Silver Dome Ballroom in Neilsville, WI. Next Steve led a seven piece ALL STAR Super Band. This was all part of an event for a polka radio program in Wisconsin, WJYI’s Polka Parade. Also Steve and the band was part of the three day Wisconsin Polka Fest in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. For more information on Steve Meisner please see .

The Michigan Beat has heard from the Mike Scheider and also Pint Size Polkas from Wisconsin. Mike Scheider has taken the act of Pint Size Polkas to several elementary schools lately in Wisconsin & northern Illinois. This act has great interest with more bookings all the time! This act has done a great job of getting the younger generation to know what polkas are. Visit or to see what the Mike Scheider Band is doing see .

Note: I already have much more information for the next edition of The Michigan Beat. So if you sent in information to The Michigan Beat and did not see it in this edition, as always, thank you for sending information in for this column and please see the next edition of The Michigan Beat. One of the things that you will be reading about in the next edition of The Michigan Beat will be about the Spring Fling Education Fundraiser. This event will feature many polka bands. Call toll free 1-877-771-0775 or visit