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The Michigan Beat 3-27-13

I really have a lot to talk about this month with a newly elected Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. That was a day to remember, and you will read about it later. But for now, let’s talk about polka music / dances.

Saturday March 3rd 2013, Bel-Aire Enterprises in Chicago, Ill held the “Pack The Pantry Dance” at Glendora House, with the music of Downtown Sound. This was to benefit the Catholic Charities Food Pantry in Summit, Ill. Tish Blazonczyk thanks everyone for their help with this effort. Bel-Aire Enterprises is also helping with a dance on Sunday, May 5th. This dance will feature the Polka Family Band & Mariachi Potosino. For more information call: (708)594-5182.

A Concertina Jam Session will be held in July this year at Seven Springs, PA. This group has been performing since 1984. For more information on this, please see

Grand Rapids, MI had there annual St. Patrick’s Day Polka Dance on Saturday, March 16th 2013 at Polish Falcons Hall. This dance had a nice crowd with the wonderful polka music of The Diddle Styx Polka Band. There was also a great Polish plate. It was also Tony Milinowski’s Birthday (Cousin Tony). The following day there was a celebration for this at the Polka Pops Cafe (Polish Eatery) in Grand Rapids, MI.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 was a huge day at Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Grand Rapids, MI. (This is the Catholic grade school in Grand Rapids, MI where I, Ryan Krygier, work with the students & staff). This was the day that our new Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis the First, was named. The children of the school were very excited about the news. The bells rang upon naming of the new pope and the children asked if they could watch the coverage of this on TV. So they were granted their request, all very intently watching from 2:05 PM E.T.S. till Pope Francis the First appeared in public for the first time. Even though it was the end of the day, the children would not leave until the new pope was announced. These were grades Kindergarten through Fifth in the room that I, Ryan Krygier, was in… and this was unbelievable! I have been working with kids for twenty years and I have never seen anything like this!  In addition, the entire school also got to “skipe” with the Pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Father Robert Sirico, who was in Rome the day the new Pope was named.

If you have anything going on in the Mid-West that you would like me to cover, contact me at .

A Happy Easter to all the Readers of the Post Eagle!