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The March of Tyranny

“The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution” – Thomas Jefferson

Throughout history, tyrants have repeatedly used the same devious tactics to suppress freedom.  The march of tyranny advances along a road paved with lies and deceit.  Truth and transparency are the enemies of tyrants.  In order to succeed, tyrants must squelch the natural yearning for freedom and replace it with a struggle for basic survival driven by fear.

Tyrants view liberty and freedom as a threat to their power.  They are never upfront about their plans to subjugate the people. If they were, there would be an uprising of opposition.  Instead, tyrants use lies and deception to appear benevolent, caring, and concerned about the people.  At the same time, tyrants ardently work behind the scenes to accomplish the exact opposite of that which they are promising.

Tyrants always hide their true intentions of subjugation and control.  Tyrants understand no one wants what is being forced on them.

Tyrants have no interest in, and are intolerant of free speech.  Instead, they systematically silence any opposition.  Tyrants rely on iron fisted control to advance their sinister agenda.  Privacy is targeted for elimination.  Tyrants want to monitor everyone’s behavior and communications.

Tyrants use fear to acquire and maintain power.  They want control over every aspect of people’s lives.  Fear is a tool leveraged to keep people in line.  Tyrants abuse their power to punish those who defy them.  They single out dissident individuals so as to make examples out of them.  Tyrants want people to be afraid of speaking or acting in opposition.

Tyrants divide in order to conquer.  They pit various segments of society against each other based on economic status, skin color, gender, age, religion, values, or race.  Tyrants recognize that it’s easier to control people when they are fighting with each other rather than uniting against oppression.

Tyrants enrich themselves and their supporters financially.  They maintain lavish lifestyles by spending other people’s money.  Confiscation from the hard work of others is their source of wealth.

Tyrants also take from some groups and give to others.  A common strategy is to seize from those willing to work in order to give to those who are not.  This generates added animosity between various segments of society and it builds total dependence on the tyrant for basic needs.

Tyrants do not believe they are constrained by existing laws.  They consider themselves above the law and entitled to act unilaterally without the necessity of seeking any consent.  When their dictatorial actions are allowed to stand unchallenged, they are emboldened to further push the limits of their lawless behavior.  Eventually, they usurp enough power to forcibly stamp out any opposition.

Tyrants require apathy and complacency to progress.  Through cunning deception, tyrants actually manage to get their targeted victims to support their efforts.  Then their victims are shocked to find that they too are suffering under the tyrant’s crushing force.  Tyrants only care about themselves and advancing their destructive agenda.  Any claims to the contrary are devious lies.

Tyrants intentionally destroy everything good and worthwhile in their path.  They leave a shattered wasteland of endless suffering and misery.  Tyrants persist until stopped by the people standing up and saying “NO MORE!”  A society decides by their action or inaction whether they chose Freedom or Tyranny.

 by Bryan Golden 

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.”
Contact Bryan at or visit © 2014 Bryan Golden