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The Legacy Lives On…

As the Holy Season comes upon us, we will celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. We at the Post Eagle will also be celebrating our 50 years of publishing this newspaper.

Started by our father, Chester Grabowski, we are keeping his legacy alive for all Polonia. Our Dad & Mom worked very hard to make the Post Eagle fly high in hopes of making Polonia a strong voice whether politically, morally, and socially, and it worked.

Dad80th  As you know, Dad has passed over and is in the celestial spheres directing us through God’s graces, while Mom is still the backbone of the newspaper and works very hard keeping all the books. Christine is the Editor, and doing a fantastic job; she even has the Post Eagle on the website. Ray, Matt and I help behind the scenes.

We would like to send our special thanks and prayers to everyone who is supporting us to keep the Post Eagle flying high. We are very grateful to all.

We would like to share with you a few of Dad’s thoughts when he first started the paper… In Dad’s editorial on December 24, 1963, he wrote: “The basic foundation of unity amongst us American Poles has been started, we are on the road to being recognized and considered by others, on all levels in the state. We must continue to build upon this foundation and we mean of course, the media of the newspaper, in order to be reckoned with and consulted, just as other groups are reckoned with and consulted in matters of policy, appointments, representation and other problems on all government levels.

“Our American Poles are not only ready and willing to assist and help in whatever capacity, wherever needed, but they are QUALIFIED TO DO SO.

“Our Americans Poles want recognition and must be recognized by the state, county and local powers. We are through being passive, we will start making our demands loud and clear, for all to hear.” end quote.

In another editorial published in the December 30, 1964 issue, Dad said…

“Remember, without you we could not – exist. You have made it possible to grow stronger and a year older.

“It seems like a few short months ago that many of the doubters and pessimists amongst our American Poles were heard to say, “Give the paper three months”, then these same people again said, “Give them a year,” and so forth and so on. Well, we are still here and we don’t intend to fold up or capitulate for them or anyone else.

“One of the finest compliments we could receive came in a letter a short while ago, when one of the people said, “Your paper is a success, you have made many enemies.

“Our paper was formed on the basis of the American Polish cause and will stay that way without deviation. If some of ours don’t like the truth… well… it’s just one of those things.

“A long time ago we stated that we are not in a personality contest but in business to print the truth about our American Poles, and to support them no matter what their party affiliations. We will not be bought… we will not be intimidated… we will not be scared into what is against our principles.”

Our paper has serviced the Polish American community for 50 years and we still intend to do so with God’s blessings.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our readers, advertisers, sympathizers, and even those who do not agree with us for their support and patronage throughout the past years, and to thank them in advance for their patronage they will give us in the coming years.

God bless everyone and many thanks again to all for making this 50th Christmas Edition a success!

Merry Christmas!
Valerie Grabowski


A Christmas Prayer  for you Dad

May the Lord be always at your side, and help to shine the Divine Love down to us.
Love and Prayers always, Your children