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The Internationals In San Jose, CA

Teske’s Patio with kids dancing

Teske’s Germania Restaurant in San Jose provides live polka music a couple of nights each month, except in September and October when the bands perform every weekend. On Saturday, April 27th, we caught the Internationals, joining our San Jose friends for an evening of fun. The Internationals, a 4 piece band, have been performing for 3-4 decades and are the anchor band for the big Oktoberfest party in San Francisco together with the Chico Bavarian Marching Band. Chico is a town in Northern California with a college where all of these fellows met 40 years ago and formed the marching band. They continue on as one of the most popular German oompah bands in Northern California.

The restaurant has a well-occupied bar with two dining rooms and an outside patio where there’s room for 100 diners, the band, and a dance area that can accommodate 10-20 couples. On this evening there was a large party celebrating a birthday with kids galore. So the dance floor was full most of the evening with kids and young folk, keeping the serious dancers at bay. Even though we didn’t dance much on this evening, the music was great and the energy of the young folks was infectious – so we sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed the evening.