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The Great Patriotic Front

On Saturday 16 November 2013,  Minister Antoni Macierewicz arrived at Newark Airport, in New Jersey, to launch THE GREAT PATRIOTIC FRONT. This new political initiative’s purpose is to link patriots in Poland with Polish patriots throughout the world who want Poland and the international community to demand the truth about the Smolensk Disaster of 10 April 2010.  The Minister wants to mobilize Polish patriotic sentiments for purposeful political action. The overall goal is for Polish patriots to oust the transformed communists who rule Poland today, and to put patriots in charge of Poland and Polonian organizations. The transformed communists’ reaction to the Smolensk Disaster of 10 April 2010 shows their subservience to the Kremlin. This disqualifies those who rule Poland today from continuing to do so.

Macierewicz_008forweb  THE GREAT PATRIOTIC FRONT is necessary to achieve Polish national sovereignty by removing transformed communists from power in Poland and then replacing them with Polish patriots who will work for the betterment of the Polish people.  Communism never collapsed in Poland;  instead it was transformed.  Former upper level communist civil servants transformed themselves into crony capitalists by buying Polish State property at a small fraction of its real value.  These former communist upper level civil servants were able to do so with the help of their younger pals, who still were working in government jobs, at the time of “shock therapy” in the early 1990s.  Continuity in personnel and policy, rather than change, marked the transformation of communism in Poland, which disguised itself as a parliamentary democracy to dupe American and Western European public opinion.  These communists who transformed themselves into crony capitalists created wealth for themselves, but their policies have harmed the economic and social well being of the Polish people.  In fact, these transformed communists have made Poland a colony whose labor and natural resources are exploited by Western European, and some Asian, business interests.

In Photo: Minister Macierewicz with Mr. Andrzej Burghardt, Vice-President for Polish Affairs of the PAC New Jersey Division, presenting the flag of Poland.

The most important step toward achieving the goal of putting true Polish patriots in charge of the Polish State requires us Polish Americans to persuade the United States Government promptly to convene an independent international commission to investigate the Smolensk Disaster of 10 April 2010. Tranformed communists and the Kremlin’s lackeys on both sides of the Atlantic want to suppress the truth about the Smolensk Disaster.  They want to occlude the fact that the killing of President Lech Kaczynski and 95 others, including key members of Poland’s Conservative elite, was, in fact, payback for President Kaczynski’s stalwart opposition to Russia’s invasion of Georgia, in 2008, and to the Kremlin’s subsequent use of armed force to change internationally recognized borders in the Caucasus.  The Smolensk Disaster was an attack on Poland’s sovereignty.  The transformed communists who rule Poland showed themselves to be spineless by agreeing to the Kremlin’s official lie about the Smolensk Disaster, and thereby acquiescing to the mass killing of Poland’s president and 95 others.  Any Government that refuses to seek truth and justice for the killing of its citizens is disqualified and must be replaced.

Readers recall that the Council of National Directors of the Polish American Congress, at their spring 2012 meeting, voted up a resolution calling on the United States Government to convene an independent international commission on the Smolensk Disaster.

Moreover, in May 2011, United States Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) sponsored a United States Senate Resolution calling for the  United States Government to convene an independent international commission to investigate the death of Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski and 95 others at Smolensk North Military Airfield on 10 April 2010.  We Polish Americans need to let Senator Burr know that we support him, and we need to encourage him to re-introduce his Senate Resolution on the Smolensk Disaster.  Minister Macierewicz stated that he strongly urges Polish Americans to do this.

Soon after having landed at Newark Airport, Minister Macierewicz  delivered a powerful brief speech in which he vowed that the world will know when we patriots prevail, because we will tear down Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw.  Minister Macierewicz wants to see on the ruins of this building that has been disfiguring Warsaw’s cityscape, Stalin’s “gift to the Polish people”,  a  memorial to Poland’s heroic victory, in the Battle of Warsaw on 15 August 1920, and by extension to the victory of Western, or Latin, Christian civilization, in the Polish- Soviet War of 1919-1920.

Macierewicz_016forweb  The President of the Polish American Congress’s New Jersey Division, Dr. Stanisław Sliwowski, that Division’s Vice -President for Polish Affairs, Mr. Andrzej Burghardt, Mr. Bogdan Chmielewski, CEO of the Polish and Slavic Federal Credit Union, Polish America’s leading financial institution, and officers of the Gazeta Polska Club greeted Minister Macierewicz when he landed in Newark.    Readers recall that Polish usage requires us to  address dignitaries by the highest position, or rank, that they have held over their career,  whether or not they may continue to hold it.  Today, Sejm Deputy Antoni Macierewicz is a key member of the Christian Democratic and Traditionalist opposition to the transformed communists who are misruling Poland and tyrannizing the Poles.  Minister Macierewicz  is a key member of  the Truth and Justice Party, led by Minister Jarosław Kaczynski, who served as Prime Minister from 2006 to 2007. Truth and Justice is the single most important component in the parliamentary challenge to the transformed communists.  Macierewicz served as Minister of the Interior in Prime Minister Jan Olszewski’s Government (winter 1991-spring 1992).  As Minister of the Interior, Macierewicz began lustration, the effort to weed-out communists from positions in Polish government. Then President Lech Walesa, disliked lustration and successfully worked for the ouster of the Olszewski Government.  Minister Macierewicz is the father of lustration in Poland.  The New Jersey Division of the Polish American Congress is, to date, the only Division whose officers have complied with lustration by requesting their files from the IPN and then allowing their fellow officers to read each others’ files.

In photo: L-R: Minister Macierewicz and John Czop at the American Czestochowa.

Macierewicz is now the leader of the parliamentary group that has been conducting a review of the official Russian version of the Smolensk Disaster, the MAK Report, and its official Polish echo, the Miller Commission Report.  Readers recall that the official Russian and Polish versions attribute the Smolensk Disaster to pilot error.  Moreover, the official version insists that the Polish Presidential Tupolev 154M crashed after its wing hit the branch of a birch tree.  In his powerful speech at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, or the American Czestochowa, in Doylestown, Pennsylvania after Mass on Sunday 17 November, Minister Macierewicz made it clear that the role of the parliamentary group that he heads is not to assign blame for the Smolensk Disaster, but to test the official reports against the facts.

Minister Macierewicz presented new documentation, which refutes the official versions, to approximately 350, who learned two key facts.  First, careful examination of satellite photos show that the birch tree branch, so important for the official version’s plausibility, in fact was broken five days BEFORE 10 April 2010.  Second,  on the evening of 10 April 2010, RIA Novosti, the Russian Federation’s largest and state-controlled television news service, broadcast film showing President Kaczynski’s plane exploding in mid-air.  These two facts clearly make the official versions of the Smolensk Disaster implausible.  Nobody who is well informed no longer believes the official versions and it is high time to convene an independent international commission to investigate the Smolensk Disaster.  It is urgent for Polish Americans to persuade Senator Richard Burr to re-introduce his Senate Resolution on the Smolensk Disaster.

After speaking at the American Czestochowa, Minister Macierewicz delivered a similar speech to sustained applause by a capacity audience at the Dom Polski, on Academy Road in Philadelphia, PA, where he was greeted by Honorary Consul of Poland Debbie Majka.

The overall political context of Minister Macierewicz’s visit was shaped by resurgent Russian imperialism. The Minister’s mid-November visit was bracketed by the early November NATO war games in Poland and the Baltic States, “Operation Steadfast Jazz”, that fell short of expectations for the United States to demonstrate that it could deploy large numbers of troops to the Eastern Baltic and Poland to protect, or to deter, the invasion of those NATO member countries from the east.  On November 29 in Vilnius, Lithuania, what seasoned observers call the make -it-or-break-it meeting of the Polish-Swedish Eastern Partnership Initiative is scheduled to begin.  This meeting is badly prejudiced from the outset by successful Kremlin pressure on Ukraine to move away from closer ties with Western Europe. Without the liklihood that Ukraine will join NATO over the near term, Poland resumes her role as a front line state in defense of Western Civilization against Eastern brutishness.  This is why Poland must be governed by patriots and not by transformed communists.

 By John Czop