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Jul 13, 2024

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“The Glass Slipper”

It is never too late in life to meet your “PRINCE CHARMING”.

When your Prince Charming puts on your glass slipper (if only in your imagination) there will be no mistaking it! You will know that you are in the right place at the right time, with the right person!

Real relationship connections may happen throughout your lifetime, but “The Prince” is one in a million and you have to be open-minded enough to see the dream before you.

If you are sensitive enough, you can feel it surrounding you physically.  The aroma of a man’s after shave lotion, when there is no man in your presence…..may be “the sign of things to come”.  (That is an experience that I am well aware of and it took me a long time to recognize it for what it really was.)

Open your mind and your senses to the possibilities of the world around you!  Your personal space is your comfort zone, but unless you step out of that zone you may miss the Ball Cinderella!  (Your girlfriends, your “wicked sisters” will only deter your success in Love if it isn’t happening to them.)

Get your Ball Gown ready, your Glass Slippers and set your plan in motion………..

You owe no apologies to anyone for what your dreams in your life are.  Sometimes “sharing them stifles them”……..don’t let that happen to you!

Volume XII, Article 68