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Jul 17, 2024

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Thank You For Honoring
Col. Lipinski!

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Saturday and helped make the surprise drive-by display of appreciation for Col. Lipinski such a great success! We are amazed by the turnout, 50+ cars! All of us coming together made this happen, and made this day so special for Col. Lipinski, who was very surprised, grateful and appreciative of the outpouring of support. He is such a humble man who is so deserving of this recognition. During the celebration the Colonel repeated “do not forget about the Polish II Corps”. Through this undertaking, I think we all displayed to Colonel Lipinski that we have not and will not forget about him and his compatriots who sacrificed so much for future generations. We are pleased that we could come together in this way, to show the Colonel that he is not alone, and that we remember and appreciate his sacrifice, especially as we near the 76th anniversary of the Battle of Monte Cassino on Monday.

We are grateful to all the neighbors, residents of Annandale, members of the Polish-American community and everyone else who joined us and helped make the drive-by the success that it was. We would like to especially thank:

  • Pawel Zuchowski from RMF FM Radio for helping us surprise Col. Lipinski, who was expecting an interview yesterday, not a parade of well-wishers
  • The Polish Embassy and Defense Attaché, represented by Major General Cezary Wiśniewski who took part in our event and who helped promote the event
  • Sgt. McIntosh and his officers from the Fairfax County Police Department for their participation and support

But most of all we thank the many individuals and organizations who helped spread the word about the drive-by and who took part in it. Thank you! The Colonel’s family also asked us to please convey their heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for everyone who took part in yesterday’s undertaking. We also thank the Colonel’s family for supporting the event and helping make it happen.

Lastly, we would like to thank Col. Lipinski, for his courage, sacrifice and dedication, but also for his kindness, for sharing his story, and being a voice for those who did not live to tell their story. We salute him and all his fellow brothers-in-arms. Let’s make sure to take a moment tomorrow and think of them.

If you have not yet seen, we encourage you to watch this 18 minute video prepared by Pawel Zuchowski which captured a lot of beautiful moments from yesterday, including the Colonel’s reaction when he realizes what is happening.