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May 24, 2024

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Thank You Polonia

Donald Trump accomplished a historic victory:  he won the Presidency in the face of determined opposition of the American Democratic and Republican Party establishments and liberal media elites.  He had the largest turnout of primary voters ever; he united the Republican Party where seven out of eight Republicans voted for him.  He also transformed the agenda of the Republican Party.  He believes that it is the well-being and opinions of the American middle class that should be the priority of the American establishment, not the preservation of its own wealth and power.  He alone recognized the grave damage that old government policies were causing the livelihoods of ordinary citizens and their desire for the traditional American way of life, which were disdained by the elites.

I am proud to say that Polish-Americans and our Polish-Americans for Trump Advisory Committee had a hand in this great victory.  We were active in all the key battleground states, where Polish-Americans live and which were crucial to Donald Trump’s presidential chances:  Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and others.  We made efforts to organize meetings and participate in rallies, to spread the word to individuals and Polish-American media, to sensitize the campaign to our concerns, to convince Polish-Americans to vote for Donald Trump and that he would be good for us and for Poland.

Donald Trump met with Polonia twice:  in Chicago and in Florida.  He assured us of his friendship and respect.  Due to the persistent efforts of the Advisory Committee, Donald Trump publicly praised Poland’s friendship with the United States and its contribution of NATO.  In the last three days of the campaign, we had a group of volunteers call thousands of Polish-American voters, mostly in Pennsylvania, sometimes in Polish, to urge them to get out and vote.  We were there when the history was made and we made a difference where it counted.

I want to very warmly thank members of the Polish-Americans for Trump Advisory Committee and many other people who worked with us, our volunteers and members of the Polish-American   media.  Without your help, we would not have been effective and influential.    I wanted to thank the leadership of the Trump campaign Coalitions Group for working with us and sharpening our message.  I also want to thank Polish-Americans for supporting Donald Trump and contributing to his victory.

Dr.  Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon
Polish-Americans for Trump Advisory Committee