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Ten Years In Washington, D.C.

Ten Years of the Kosciuszko Foundation in Washington, DC!
We can’t wait to see you in person!
But in the meantime, we are with you online

In 2010, a beautiful townhouse in the heart of Washington DC which for almost 20 years served as an American Center for Polish Culture has been gifted to the Kosciuszko Foundation.

Our almost 100 years old organization found its representation in the US capital.

Three years later, in 2013, I was offered a position of a representative of the KF in Washington DC. Representing the Foundation was a great honor and representing Poland and its culture in the US capital – a dream come true.

For the last seven years, during which I became the director of the DC Center, I have been doing what I love most: organizing cultural events, filling the Center with music, art, inspiring discussions, commemorating important anniversaries, celebrating holidays, cooperating with the Polish Embassy and other local Polish organizations and most of all meeting and hosting countless fascinating people. Bringing my beloved Poland closer to the US became my purpose and main objective.

Each fall, we have been organizing fundraising dinner galas that have been taking place in the historical Mayflower Hotel and gathering hundreds of guests from the Polish American communities. We have been honoring great artists, scientists, diplomats, outstanding Poles and Polonia members or Americans of Polish descent.

Each summer, we have been celebrating a Polish Day – an open house with lots of fun activities, performances, games, art exhibits and traditional Polish lunch, prepared for us by the Polish Embassy’s Chef.

Each December, there have been beautiful festive Christmas celebrations with Polish Wigilia and caroling together.

Classical and jazz concerts, Polish food and vodka or beer tastings, karaoke, meetings with authors, panel discussions, art shows, children events, and members meetings transformed our townhouse on O Street into a Little Poland.

2020 brought us – along with all other cultural centers – to a full stop.

The Kosciuszko Foundation moved online and continues its mission virtually. We still want to stay connected and present in our community!

Please find us on Facebook where all the online programs are announced. Here is a link to the Kosciuszko TV – our YouTube channel with interviews, music, panel discussions, and more.

All online programs are free of charge and available for everyone.
We hope to bring you some comfort, entertainment, encouragement and inspiration.

Please follow us online and please leave us your thoughts and comments.

The Kosciuszko Foundation is located at 2025 O Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036.

Barbara Bernhardt