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Take Advantage of School-Based
Publications Available Through The NJSBF

The New Jersey State Bar Foundation can provide the following school-based publications for educators.

Historical Documents of the United States and New Jersey contains, in their entirety, such documents as the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and all three versions of the New Jersey State Constitution.

Students’ Rights Handbook (Third Edition), a booklet cosponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey, covers such topics as freedom of expression, search and seizure, religion in schools and discipline.

What You Need to Know about Plagiarism examines different forms of plagiarism, including copying material out of encyclopedias and cut and pasting information directly from the Internet.

Bill of Rights Bulletin is a 24-page newsletter that contains articles, puzzles and trivia related to the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. The newsletter features articles on treason, the Pledge of Allegiance and how the Constitution is amended, as well as articles on amendments 1 through 10.

Constitutionally New Jersey, a 12-page newsletter that serves as a companion piece to the Bill of Rights Bulletin, is devoted to the New Jersey Constitution and features articles on the history of that document, women’s rights in New Jersey and how New Jersey is unique in the rights it grants students. It also contains New Jersey trivia and puzzles.

All of the above publications are available on our website ( for download or can be ordered via our online order form.

To download any of the above publications, click on the following link:

To order hard copies of the publications click on the order form link below: