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Dec 1, 2023

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Preying On Youth Is Big Business

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on how young people are being exploited for money: Two major attacks on young people are being launched by those whose only interest is making money off of them. To be specific, the push to legalize marijuana and the push to normalize transgenderism are the two biggest current threats to the health and well-being …

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You Do Make A Difference

By Bryan Golden           Do you make a difference in the world?  Does anyone care about what you do?  Are some people more important than others?  We all ask ourselves these questions from time to time.  Some people wonder about them more than others.       You do make a difference.  You are important.  Who you are and what …

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Gorbachev and Solidarity

Thanks to Gorbachev’s Reforms, the World Is Better Off Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon September 09, 2022  WASHINGTON EXAMINER Mikhail Gorbachev died almost exactly 42 years after the movement that gave his life meaning was born. Gorbachev’s whole career as the leader of the Soviet Union was a response to the Solidarity movement, a mass protest against communist oppression. Solidarity was a working-class phenomenon, …

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