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Apr 20, 2024

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Surviving… “All The Systems That Man Created”

  “All the systems that man created that go against the grain of what GOD designed…. will start to crumble and fall.”

What a profound statement; made by a priest speaking on TV in 1987. (As you may or may or may not recall…..the Stock Market had “its first crash back then”…and I still say that “nothing has been the same since then!”)

Now here we are in 2008, have we not seen a downward spiral on all financial, healthcare, political and personal issues run amuck?!  Do we feel safe or secure with anything…..anymore?

Because we think that we are smarter than the original God given laws that were set-up for our benefit from the ONE who created all… we are now reaping what we have sown.

In my opinion, nothing will start to improve until we recognize the gifts we have been given “to be the caretakers of”, and to really understand who is in charge, over all of us!

It is not us, it is not our Political System…this was manufactured by man.  By the way, its original  intended purpose of “by the people, and for the people” has gone awry.  (Some politicians do understand, and they know who they are….  they know their calling, but they are overshadowed or out-performed by the ego-showmen amongst them).

 It is my personal opinion that unless we have Faith and really practice the GOD given Teachings that have been set down before us……we are all doomed!

“Earthly man”, any man will never turn this mess around… “start to look up” for the answers!

Volume III – Article 4