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Apr 12, 2024

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Surrogate – Parent

Some 50 years ago when I was teaching in a Junior High, I knew a very clever man who would identify his problem students as having just one mother. Little did he know that one day some student may appear having two mothers.

The word for today is SURROGATE – from the Latin SURROGATUS – meaning A SUBSTITUTE. A surrogate mother is a woman who is paid to bear a child for another.

The word PARENT – meaning ONE WHO BEGETS, GIVES BIRTH TO OR NURTURES AND RAISES A CHILD – comes from the Latin word PARIO, PARERE – TO GIVE BIRTH, TO BRING FORTH, TO BEAR. This verb is similar to the Latin word PAREO, PARERE – meaning TO OBEY.

Another similar word PARERE – means TO APPEAR, TO BECOME EVIDENT, as in the English word TRANSPARENT. (TRANS – ACROSS).

In the word – PREPARATION – you have a different verb PARARE – meaning TO MAKE READY (PRE – BEFORE)

On the golf course the word PAR is used because the LATIN – PAR – means EQUAL.

Knowledge of the Latin helps us to understand the meanings.