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Apr 20, 2024

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The word for today is – SUPERSTITION – which is a belief in witchcraft, spirits and demons. It is an irrational idea which implies a religion like belief that stands outside the bounds of clerical religion.

It comes from two Latin words – SUPER – meaning – ABOVE, BEYOND – and – STO, STARE, STETI, STATUS – meaning – TO STAND.

During the Black plague that swept over Europe, the Pope passed a law that you must say, “God bless you”, when somebody sneezes. This was to prevent the spread of the disease and to cure the person who had it.

In Italy there is a fear of the number 17 rather than 13. This originates from ancient Rome where the number 17 was written as XVII which can be re-arranged as “VIXI” which is the Latin verb meaning “I HAVE LIVED” which is to say , “I AM DEAD”.